Align-Pilates Universal and Frame Sitting Boxes

    Traditional Sitting Box (£134.99)

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    Frame Sitting Box (£64.99)

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Align-Pilates Universal Sitting Box : Upholstered Traditional Long / Short Box with a Padded platform

Reformer Long & Short Boxes and Sitting Boxes are names for the same product.

Sitting Box is a misleading name bcause the box is for sure used for seated exercises but also for prone and kneeling exercises.

'Long' Box and 'Short' box are also somewhat misleading, asthe terms give the impression of two different Boxes - however the names are just descriptions of the Orientation of the box.  i.e. place the length of the box across the width of the reformer adn it is a 'Long' Box whereas placing the long dimension down the  length of the reformer carriage and you now have a 'Short' Box.

Also Misleading is the term Box.  Perhaps a better name would be 'Raised Padded Platform'.     This is because there is no requirement for the Padded Platform which you sit or lie on to sit on top of a closed box - this is just tradition.  Everybody knows that a Reformer box is made of Wood and covered in 'Leatherette' with a padded top !!

Not any more :  Align-Pilates offers a top quality traditional design 'Raised padded Platform' that it calls its 'Universal Sitting Box'  but also has looked at the function of the 'Raised padded Platform from a Pilates Perspective and has replaced the Wooden enclosed Box with an Open frame, allowing multiple grip points, increased stability and access underneath the Padded platform for a range of accessories.


The Open Frame design is much cheaper to manufacture than the upholstered Wooden Box and so not only is the function improved with the 'Frame' design but also the sale price ! 

Frame Sitting Box Specifications 

The Frame Sitting Box requires simple self-assembly which takes under 10 minutes, using the tools supplied. 

Assembled size 38 x 66 x 25cm
Packed size; 69.5 x 41.5 x 12cm

EVA foam padding with abrasion resistant vinyl cover.
Weight c 7kg

Align-Pilates Frame Sitting Box :- Demonstrated as a 'Short Box' on the Align-Pilates C1 Reformer

Universal Sitting Box Specifications

This product is sold pre-constructed

SIZE 70cm (L) x 40cm (w) x 28cm (h).9K

Align-Pilates Universal Sitting Box - Oriented on the A2R Reformer as a 'Long Box'.