Align-Pilates Step Barrel


          Align-Pilates Step Barrel II  (£249.99)


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Align-Pilates Step Barrel II

Align Pilates apparatus is the result of over 10 years development.

Designed for studio or club use, the apparatus, brings together innovative design, classical styling and quality components.

Align-Pilates focus on build quality delivers a fulfilling use experience, at previously unseen price points. Align-Pilates can substantially reduce the cost of setting up, and the viability of running a Pilates studio.

The Align-Pilates Step Barrel II (otherwise known as a Spine Corrector) is great for adding an extra dimension to mat work classes and are becoming increasingly popular. The step barrel offers various workout possibilities and helps to improve the posture, lengthen and strengthen the back, feet and shoulders muscles.

The Pilates-Mad design features two handle holes and a removable solid wood pole that can also be used as a Roll-down pole.

Align-Pilates Step Barrel II

Colour: Black.

Weight: 14Kg

Dimensions: 86 x 53 x 38cm (h)

Padding: 20mm padding with abrasion resistant vinyl upholstery

Frame: 15mm custom formed ply arc for maximum strength and durability. 22mm Ply walls with white birch veneer

Align-Pilates Step Barrel II