Align-Pilates C1 Reformer

Price £1249.99 including VAT

Mbodies Customer Student Price (£1187.50 inc VAT)


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Align-Pilates C1 Reformer

The C1 Reformer breaks new ground in the European Pilates market making a commercially warranted reformer available for less than  £1,000 + VAT! if you are an Mbodies Student or Alumni

The value proposition is however just the start, the C1 is a fully featured commercial quality high performance reformer, that uses many of the same quality components as the A2R with a design that mirrors the Larger A2R.

Whilst, to maintain its portability and ease of storage, the C1 Reformer does not adapt to fit an integrated Half Cadillac - it is designed to integrate perfectly with the Align Pilates Wall Mounted half Cadillac Tower or the Align-Pilates Spring Wall Unit with Barre.

Align Pilates C1 Reformer
  • Light commercial warranty - perfect for Studio and home use
  • Space saving - the C1 is wheeled & easy to move and store, it can be stood up against a wall (& anchored using the foot strap) or, is stackable in head to toe format. Weight 49Kg.
  • Standard sized reformer, with a generous 100.5cm of carriage travel and comfortable 58cm (w) x 85.5cm (L) carriage.
  • Highly adjustable with: 4 spring bar, 4 footbar and 4 rope height positions 
  • Anodized aluminium runners with matched 4 wheel system for smooth & maintenance free operation.
  • Ships 95% assembled and ready to use

What’s Included
Solid maple standing platform, adjustable padded foot strap, pair double loop handles, 5 nickel plated quality music wire springs (1 x Light, 2 x Medium, 2 x Strong).
235 x 66cm  x 25cm. Weight 49.6Kg
Boxed weight 58.6Kg

Accessories that you may wish to buy to fit your A2R Reformer

Wall Mounted Half Cadillac  £819.99  (Mbodies 779.00)  

C1 Jumpboard  £74.99   (Mbodies £71.25)

C1 Padded Platform Extender £49.99   (Mbodies £47.50)

C1 Mattress Converter £99.99   (Mbodies £95.00)

C1 Mat Converter & Platform Extender Combo £149.98   (Mbodies £142.50)

Universal Long / Short Sitting Box £134.99  (Mbodies £128.25)

Frame Long / Short Sitting Box  £64.99  (Mbodies £61.75)

Align Pilates C1 Reformer featuring Optional C1 Jumpboard