Myofascial Slings

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Myofascial Slings 

“Form, Force, and Function: Application of the Myofascial Slings in Pilates and Functional Exercise”

Well-known Canadian physiotherapist Diane Lee elaborated on the myofascial slings originally described by Vleeming and Snijders, researchers who focus on lumbopelvic anatomy and biomechanics. In this course you will learn about these slings, how they apply to movement and load transfer through the pelvis, posture and movement strategies that indicate dysfunction, and Pilates exercises old and new to correct dysfunctional movement patterns and postures.



·         Describe the myofascial slings as originally identified by Lee, Vleeming, and Snijders

·         Apply the myofascial slings to Pilates and functional exercise

·         Identify postural habits and movement patterns and correlate to myofascial slings

·         Understand the relationship between faulty movement strategies, dysfunction, and pain

·         Recommend exercises to clients to correct faulty movement strategies



Myofascial Slings


Prerequisites: Pilates Mat or comprehensive training, personal training certification, physiotherapist



Duration: 7 hours                      


Further Details

Pending PMA credits— the PMA is recognised by REPS for retrospective CPD points.

There will be a short written, multiple answer comprehension test towards the end of the course to ensure that key information from this course has been understood prior to leaving the workshop. 

?Form, Force, and Function: Application of the Myofascial Slings in Pilates and Functional Exercise?
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