3.1 What the Shneck? Addressing Dysfunction and Maximizing Function in the Shoulder and Neck

Heather King-Smith Teaching in London 2015


What The Shneck       

“Addressing Dysfunction and maximising Function in the Shoulder and Neck”

Working with clients with neck injuries or dysfunction can be an intimidating endeavor. The multi-jointed shoulder complex can be mystifying. These areas are closely related—when there is an injury or dysfunction in one, there is often an underlying issue in the other. Delve into the anatomy of the shoulder and cervical spine and learn about common dysfunctions affecting these areas. Come prepared to move beyond contraindications and leave prepared to use Pilates to maximize function and prevent injury.


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the anatomy of the shoulder complex and cervical spine
  • Understand the relationship between the cervical and thoracic spine and shoulder joints
  • Describe common dysfunctions of the cervical spine and shoulder joints, including their etiologies and movement restrictions
  • Create a plan of Pilates sessions for a client with these dysfunctions
  • Recommend home exercises to clients to continue their path to optimum function
?Addressing Dysfunction and maximising Function in the Shoulder and Neck?


Pilates Mat or comprehensive training, personal training certification, physiotherapist



Duration: 7 hours                      


Further Details

Pending PMA credits— the PMA is recognised by REPS for retrospective CPD points.

There will be a short written, multiple answer comprehension test towards the end of the course to ensure that key information from this course has been understood prior to leaving the workshop.  

"From the Overhead-Throwing Youth Athlete to Osteoarthritis in Older Adults: Maximizing Shoulder and Neck Function and Addressing Dysfunction in Pilates"