Expand Your Network and Knowledge:

Expand Your Network and Knowledge: Cross-Referring with Medical Professionals


Expand Your Network and Knowledge:

Cross-Referring with Medical Professionals

Pilates has become a popular form of exercise for people with injuries or health conditions that influence participation in physical activities. Yet there still exist myths, misconceptions, and mystery surrounding what Pilates is in the medical community and uncertainty as to whether or not Pilates is the right choice for a patient. In this course, you will learn how to network with medical professionals to increase their knowledge and understanding of Pilates, communicate with them about clients/patients, and learn how to help your clients find the help of health professionals when needed.



  • Describe the benefits of Pilates in terms that medical professionals will understand and appreciate, including a review of the research literature on Pilates
  • Identify medical professionals in your community who are open and ready to refer to Pilates and initiate relationships with those who serve a similar population base to yours
  • Communicate with medical professionals about incoming clients and keep them updated on patients’ progress when necessary
  • Determine when clients may be in need of a consult with a medical professional
  • Build rapport with medical professionals to establish a trusting, mutually beneficial cross-referring relationship


Expand Your Network and Knowledge:


Pilates Mat or comprehensive training, personal training certification, physiotherapist


Duration: 4 hours                            

Further Details

Pending PMA credits— the PMA is recognised by REPS for retrospective CPD points.     

There will be a short written, multiple answer comprehension test towards the end of the course to ensure that key information from this course has been understood prior to leaving the workshop.  

Cross-Referring with Medical Professionals
typical course price: £125.00
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