Align-Pilates Reformer and Cadillac Handles & Straps

Align-Pilates manufacture a range of universal handles and straps for use with Pilates equipment, spring walls and indeed they could be used with a variety of gym or home cable machines.

Unlike most established Pilates Brands who penalise small purchases with high, non discounted retail pricing : Align-Pilates follow a 'fair' pricing policy which recognises the value of the small customer as much as the large customer.  

As a result the pricing of Accessories is often hundreds of percent cheaper than purchasing elsewhere.

Compatible with all brands of Pialtes equipment and matching the quality of manufacture we look forward to helping you to save money !

Mbodies students, past and present receive discount from the already low retail prices.



Pilates-Mad Dual Function Loop Straps for Reformer 

£10.00 per pair inc VAT (Mbodies student price £9.50 inc VAT)


Pilates-Mad padded loop straps which can be used either as a foot strap or folded and used as a hand strap.  Opening Length 25cm.Total length 34.5cmQuadruple stitched Polyester Tricot Brush fabric with welded D Rings and 5mm TPR padding for great comfort Sold in Pairs  £10.00 inc VAT


Double ring Loop Straps (Pair) by Align-Pilates

£20.00 per pair inc VAT

Pair of Loop straps that can be used for foot straps or folded double for use as hand handles. Suitable for reformer, half cadillac and cadillacLoop opening 27cm. Padded strap 38mm wide. Total length 37.5cm

Foam grip Handles


£15.00 inc VAT per pair)

A pair of high quality stirrup style padded foam handles for use with Reformers, Half Cadillacs and Cadillacs by Align-Pilates


Double Loop Silent Foot Strap (Pair) PAPSTRAPDSL £19.99



Ankle Strap

£20.00 inc VAT per pair

Velcro adjustable ankle or wrist straps complete with D ring


Silent Foot Strap with Fluffy

£25.00 inc VAT  (sold as a single

An adjustable footstrap - normally used in combination with a Reformer and sitting Box.  Commonly associated with noise from metal components and discomfort when in use.  This silent strap with fluffy solves both of these issues.



Align-Pilates Extension Straps  (80cm)

 £25.00 inc VAT per pair 



For use on Reformers with vertical frames, Cadillacs, Wall Units and Spring Walls. Extension straps are often used  to extend the length of a spring or handle or with repertoire where a custom strap is not avaialable for the upper thigh, hips/pelvis or trunk.  Swivel dog clips can be found on each end to attach as required