5.5 Pilates Studio Skills,Planning, Programming and Exam Prep


This two day Pilates Studio course is focussed upon Instructors who are planning to take their Mbodies Studio Specialist Qualification.

All other Practical modules within the Specialist qualification focus uponSafe use of equipment and upon Repertoire.

In this module you look away from repertoire at the skills required of a studio instructor to construct and then teach effectively appropriate studio sessions to meet agreed client goals. 



At the end of this course you will :

  • Understand the examination process which is the culmination of your Mbodies Studio Specialist qualification
  • Be familiar with the Studio Flow :
  1. Meet and greet of a new client,
  2. Initial consultation
  3. Postural Analysis
  4. Preparation of a varied, safe and appropriate exercise Programme
  5. Teaching the Programme 

Recognise your own studio strengths and weaknesses and be able to focus homework on these as well as have a tutor / mentor to contact and work with as needed.  




You must have completed as a minimum, the Pilates Studio Induction course.  It is advisable to have also attended at least one of the three Studio Repertoire courses which are differentiated by the colour of their manuals.


This is a two day taught course comprising 16 hours of teaching 

typical course price: £500.00*
* The £500.00 Price of this course includes the two days of face to face tuition together with the practical and theoretical exam fees. There is no early Bird booking discount and discount vouchers can not be used in association with this course.
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