Studio Programming for the Elderly 'Fit' client

Amy working in her studio in Santa Barbara



Working with the elderly client is one of Amy Haven's Pilates pleasures and is close to her heart - particularly as her parents gave birth to her in their late 30s and so maintaining their exercise levels is close toher heart.

She feels that we all want to feel successful in our endeavours and exercise, particularly Pilates on Apparatus is a great place to meet the exercise needs of the elderly - to set achievable challenges, to focus on the needs of this special population taking into account likely comorbidities like osteoporosis.

Amy points out that  "Balance is key.....mobility is key.....strength is key: the functional strength we need for our later in life daily living tasks etc."

A sample of Amy teaching on the cadillac - Pilates Anytime


At the end of this Day is to equip you with repertoire, methodology and Programming on Reformer, Cadillac (Tower) and Split Pedal Chair appropriate for Seniors.

This session is designed to take us past midlife and Menopause and consider the Elderly - Seventy plus ederly.

During the Day you will gain elderly focussed Repertoire suitable for :

  • Group Elderly Reformer Class
  • Group Elderly Tower Class
  • Group Elderly Chair Class
  • Group Elderly Apparatus Circuit

During the day Amy will discuss the raison detre behind the choice of Exercises with regard to the Focus of the workout together with considerations and comorbidities to be considered with this Client Group.




A sample of Amy teaching on the Chair - Pilates Anytime


You should be studio qualified, a Physiotherapist or medical professional with Pilates Apparatus Induction or a Pilates Matwork Instructor with Experience on the Apparatus as a participant.

This day will be an ideal bolt-on for repertoire for those instructors who are on their Pilates Studio Certification journey and have taken the Mbodies Pilates Studio Apparatus Induction Course.


6 hours of dedicated Studio Work within an 8 hour day :  9am - 5pm 

Further Details

A maximum of two participants to one Reformer, Split Pedal Chair and Half Cadillac /Tower

A Sample of Amy teaching on the Reformer
typical course price: £220.00
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