Twelve days of Christmas Offers 2022

Please read the 12 offer descriptions below. Select the link on any offers of interest to be redirected to our online portal for free enrolment on the portal for the particular offer.  Your details will then be directed to our staff and you will be contacted to allocate courses, and attribute offers to your profile, arranging payment or any other specific requirements.


12 days of Xmas Offers for days 1 - 6

On the first day of Xmas Mbodies offered me :

Receive a Professional low height Pilates commercial or home warranty Reformer, complete with Jumpboard and Reformer Box, for a maximum of 26 weeks without hire charge:  When you purchase the full 150 hour online Instructor education Reformer qualification comprising Studio Health & Safety, Reformer Induction, and Reformer Repertoire course  (Bundle Price £900.00).

Client pays for delivery and return cost of Reformer and cost of any assessments/exams.


On the second day of Xmas Mbodies offered me :

To Purchase any two single education Modules today and receive a voucher for £150.00 to be applied to any other course purchased before January 14th 2023.

On the third day of Xmas Mbodies offered me :

Order Online Myofascial Release for Fitness Professionals and receive 3 Myofascial release Balls (Value £75.00) free -  Postage and packing costing up to £10.00 included in this offer -  P&P outside mainland UK over £10.00 will be charged at cost before delivery.

On the fourth day of Xmas Mbodies offered me:

Pay £1800 for the four online Reformer and Cadillac/Tower + Studio Health and Safety modules and receive the remaining four studio courses (Arc Barrel, Step Barrel and Ladder Barrel + Pilates Chair)  modules normally costing £1000, without charge.  Fee does not include cost of assessments.

On the fifth day of Xmas Mbodies offered me :

The full Mbodies Women’s Wellness Specialist Qualification (6 modules -  individually priced normally £1000.00) for £750.00.

On the sixth day of Xmas Mbodies offered me :

Pay £500.00 to take 3 online courses to qualify and be able to gain insurance to teach Pilates Reformer and Pilates Cadillac/Tower, saving £290.00 on normal prices. Courses are Studio Health and Safety, Pilates Reformer Induction and Pilates Cadillac/Tower Induction. Assessment costs are not included in this offer.


12 days of Xmas Offers for days 7 - 12

On the seventh day of Christmas Mbodies offered me:

Myofascial release Class pack – tuition plus hardware.

Training for Myofascial release for up to 7 members of staff (each training at their own speed – with 7 sets of balls and rollers to run a Myofascial release course-  total value if bought separately £2100.00 for £1500.00

On the eighth day of Xmas Mbodies offered me:

Pay £800 split into 8 x £100.00 monthly interest-free payments representing a 35% discount when enrolling on the full 150 hour Reformer qualification training, comprising 4 online modules (normal price £1220). Client pays for the cost of any assessments/exams.

On the ninth day of Xmas Mbodies offered me:

Pink Ribbon Post Rehabilitation half Price : Early Bird Offer

An Early Bird Price of £150 to pre-book Mbodies new Online Pink Ribbon Post Rehab Course. This is a Breast cancer Post Rehab exercise Specialist Qualification :  The course is due to launch April 2023 -  This offer applies if purchased before 14th January 2023.


On the tenth day of Xmas Mbodies offered me :

Female Pelvic Health Specialist

The Mbodies Female Pelvic Health Specialist Qualification -  4 modules for the price of 3 £500.00 as opposed to £650.00.

On the eleventh day of Xmas Mbodies offered me:

A flexible approach for existing Pilates matwork teachers or Physio/Chiro medical professionals to study Pilates Reformer, Pilates Tower, Pilates Wunda Chair and Pilates Barrels with a Combination of in your own time Online training, supported by 11 one hour Face-to-Face meetings with your tutor (these could be virtual if you choose) to review your learning, set goals prior to the next meeting and improve your teaching. This is the perfect way to structure your learning.

The course costs £2990.00 offered alternatively as 11 payments of £300.00 per month. The 11 Instructor trainer sessions are worth £1000.00 assessment for the courses is included in the price provided you complete your learning in a 12 month period.

On the twelfth day of Xmas Mbodies offered me:

A 12 month subscription to the Mbodies Thinkific learning portal for £100.00 per month; offering unlimited access during the year to all Mbodies Special Populations or apparatus courses on the portal.  Access to the portal will cease after the 12 months without either purchase of courses or a subscription extension.

A subscription gives access to all Mbodies Women's Wellness, Female Pelvic Health and Studio Apparatus Training Modules.   All courses completed will remain in your account area, but courses not completed will only be available if they are purchased after the 12 month period.