Possibilities of the Step barrel/Spine Corrector and Arc


A workshop equally suitable for Pilates Matwork Instructors wanting to bring small barrels into their Programming as it is for Comprehensive Studio teachers wanting to reinforce their teaching on the smaller barrels.

Participants will have an Arc barrel and Step Barrel each and will have the opportunity to really feel the value of transferring the matwork repertoire to these accessories. 


In this workshop Amy Havens will explore with you spinal ranges of motion in flexion, extension, side bending, rotation and circumduction.  

Amy will focus on articulation, mobility and strength and will ensure that you will experience a large number of exercises on the arcs of the Stacking Arc and Spine Corrector.  


Pilates Instructors or Medical Movement Professionals with Pilates CPD 


8 Hours with a one hour break

Further Details

Amy looks forward to helping you discover how the Spine Corrector and Arc  can help you deepen your understanding of the original Pilates Matwork exercises leading to more successful, efficient, integrated and joyful movements. 

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