The Foot : Pilates based treatment, Motor Control and Recruitment


Learn Pilates foot exercises to promote health in all 26 bones and 57 joints of the feet.

Exercises that isolate and promote healthy functioning of the 5 arches of the foot will be featured.

Learn Pilates-based exercises for lower chain leg and foot health appropriate for studio instruction as well as being appropriate for a home exercise program.

The use of traditional Pilates foot props will be explored as well as the wobble board, balls and rollers. Transformational gait training will also be included to make this training a full body experience.


At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify  and recommend Pilates environment exercises for conditions associated with the ankle/foot complex
  2. Identify and implement lower extremity biomechanical concepts that promote full dynamic foot use function utilizing the Pilates Methodology
  • Self-mobilizations: footsie roller, gizmo, tennis ball
  • Use of aids - Kinesio tape, toe spacers, heel lifts, shims to aid exercise succes
  • “Rump –lifting”: using the spine to unweight the legs
  • 1st position parallel: architecture of the standing pelvic arch connection to the lower extremity
  • Unlocking laterality
  • Connecting talo-crural (ankle) strength with sacro-iliac (pelvic) stability (organizing tri-planar joints )
  • Skilled intervention in specific cueing; pelvic floor force coupling


  1. Identify, demonstrate and recommend stretches for fascial tightness related to general lower extremity issues
  2. Learn specific correctives to aid clients in the Pilates environment:
  • Intrinsic training
  • Ankle stabilizers
  • Posterior tibialis protocol
  • Use of Pilates props: Foot corrector/ Gizmo/ Wakers/ Putty/ Rollers/ Balls/Bands
  • Standing
  •                  Ball in crotch
  •                  Book step-over  exercises
  •                  Wobble board
  •                  Statue of Liberty



This workshop will suit :

All qualified Pilates instructors

Medically trained movement rehab professionals : Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths etc

Advanced fitness professionals 

Dance and sports conditioning professionals


7 Hours