Transforming Gait


Transforming Gait

Being able to walk briskly throughout the lifespan is a valuable asset. Learn the essential anatomic and physiologic ranges necessary for an unimpeded stride. The spine is the engine that drives the biomechanics of the lower chain to give efficient, purposeful propulsion. Learn the slings involved when the foot hits the ground so that you can identify faulty movement patterns and promote enhanced performance for speed, precision and accuracy.


This is a basic to intermediate course.

 Objectives:         Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Better understand the necessity of spinal and lower extremity ranges of motion necessary for functional gait.
  2. Better understand the stages of gait.
  3. Better understand the physiologic motions involved with the stages of gait.
  4. Learn the essentials of propulsion and optimal forward motion.
  5. Describe the biomechanical slings involved with the stages of gait.
  6. Identify faulty movement patterns and better understand whether these patterns may be structural or functional.
  7. Better understand performance enhancing methods to promote speed, precision and accuracy of ambulation. 


This is a stand alone course with its own PMA accredited certificate which forms one of 4 modules of the Mbodies Foot Specialist qualification.


7 hours of teaching