Align Pilates Equipment

Mbodies supplies Pilates equipment UK wide, with Pilates studio reformers and other apparatus, and Pilates accessories.  This UK equipment for Pilates, from Align Pilates and other brands, is offered at the industry’s best value and quality.

Mbodies is proud to supply the premium UK brand for Pilates Apparatus - Align-Pilates

Align Pilates apparatus is the result of 10 years of development. Designed for home, studio or club use, the apparatus, brings together innovative design, classical styling and quality components. The focus on build quality delivers a fulfilling user experience, at previously unseen price points.

Align-Pilates equipment is the choice of the UKs busiest Specialist Pilates Operator with over 50 Align-Pilates reformers gracing their studios.  It is also the choice of the UK's Premium brand of Health Clubs for its premium sites. 

Premiership football teams including the 2014 champions and other leading Sports clubs recognise Align-Pilates as offering the features which make the brand stand apart from other brands and therefore have chosen Align-Pilates for their clubs.  

The savings on many imported USA or American Pilates brands is as much as 50% as a result of no middle men, double importing or high corporate overheads add to the attraction of the build quality and features of Align-Pilates

Align-Pilates can substantially reduce the cost of setting up, and the viability of running a Pilate's studio.