Myofascial Release Balls October 2022

Apologies to all of you who are used to buying 400g Myofascial release balls from me as well as 280g balls at £15.00 each.  The price had not changed for many years.   as a result of massive price increases  I am currently completely out of stock of all of my normal balls which are made for me in a factory in Italy. Customers aware of price increases have purchased all of my stock at the pre Ukrainian war prices normally I hold at least a 150 balls of popular weights and colours

Italy used to get all of its gas supplies from Russia and all of this has stopped.

Energy-intensive industries in Italy are modifying their production to save energy as they struggle with soaring bills and currently energy costs are so high that energy intensive manufacturers of low sales cost items are reducing capacity in favour of high margin high value products.

Rotational Moulding is high energy as Plastic powder placed in moulds are rotated in big furnaces to melt the plastic powder and electricity drives the rotation process to ensure that the melted plastic lines all parts of the outer walls of the mould which is then cooled quickly to ensure the plastic hardens of the outside of the mould.

Gas prices have nearly tripled,  the Plastic Powder is made from peroleum products and have nearly doubled in price and then the Electricity to drive the mulds has more tan doubled in price -  finally the transport to deliver from italy to UK has increased by 30% a result the price of new balls from the factory has risen steeply and at the same time the reduction of production capacity means big delays in the lead time for orders.

Rotation moulding set up for Myofascial Release Balls

I have been made aware that there is a 3-month lead time for custom made balls and the cost price has more than doubled.   I have not placed an order believing fuel and plastic prices will fall in 2023 and with a minimum order of 300 balls of each size and colour -  I do not want to be left with balls in stock  at a high selling price and new stock coming in again that will sell at a lower price.

Therefore I have moved temporarily to selling non custom balls similar in size but at slightly different weights as needed for other purposes i.e. gymnastics.

The 400grm balls are 420grams for Rhythmic gymnastics - I can still get 280g balls but they are branded for Gymnastics.

Once again the prices of these have shot up but as I am not sourcing these from Italy i can purchase in small quantities  until I have supply at sensible prices direct from the factory once more.

We currently therefore offer Myofascial Release Balls fully complying with standards for use in sports where they can take full body weight in two different sizes, 420g and a lighter 280g.

These two weights come in a selection of colours. The 420g balls are either Blue or  Black.  The 280g balls come in Red, Green or Yellow. 


420grm balls are priced at £19.50 each and 280grm balls at £17.50 each

UK postage and packing charges are as follows:

£7.50 for 1  

£10.00 for 2 or 3

£12.50 for 4

£15.00 for 5

£17.50 for 6 to 12

£20.00 for 13 to 20

£25.00 for  21+

To order balls please email us the colour, weight and quantity of each type of ball that you require.  

Include in the email the delivery address and an Invoice address if this differs from the delivery address as well as full name and contact telephone number 

We will then send you an email proforma invoice for the balls witht he ability to either pay electronically by paypal or make a payment into our bank.

When we receive payment we will send out the balls to arrive within 3 working days - normally balls will be despatched the following day and arrive the day after.

To email your needs CLICK HERE