Body Working Balls for Self Myofascial Release

Body Working Balls

Body Working balls for Self Myofascial Release are available in two Resistances each with two Colour options.

250g Balls are for more tender areas or those with a lower pain threshold (or maybe for those who bruise easily).  They are available in White or Red colour ways

400g Balls are the standard Resistance.  They are available in Black or Blue colour ways.

it is normal to use the two different resistances for different parts of your body for maximum benefits however some choose to stick with just one resistance.

If you buy online through the Shop (see below) the balls will cost you £17.99 each for the 250gram ball and £19.99 for the 400g ball.   They will be despatched deflated to minimise postage and packing costs and can be inflated with a Needle pump -  any football or sports pased needle pump will do.

If you wish to buy a needle pump you can do so in the shop or by clicking here

Buy a Needle Pump

If you prefer to have us inflate your ball(s) for you  we are happy to do that however it will incur much higher freight costs - f or one or two balls the difference will be about £5.50 more to send them inflated.   To buy inflated please email us with your needs rather than buying through the shop [email protected]

Trade Pricing

Sales in the Shop are at Retail price.   We offer trade pricing on orders of mixed weights and colours where there are a minimum of 10 balls in any order -  pumps can also be added to a trade order at trade price.    For trade pricing please email us stating your delivery and invoice details and the number and colour of each type of ball required and we will send you back a quotation which should you be happy will ahve the ability to pay online attached.    for trade pricing email [email protected] 


250 gram Body Working Balls

£17.99 each + P&P

Available in White or Red colours

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250 gram Body Balls in White and Red

400 gram Body Working Balls

£19.99 each + P&P

Available in Black or Blue colours


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400 gram Body Balls in Blue and Black