Myofascial Release Balls

What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial release of the muscles has fast become the key word in Pilates and many other movement modalities. A tight muscle may sometimes be resistant to stretching until its surrounding fascia has been released.

Fascia surrounds every cell in our bodies and with the activities of our daily lives; it is put under strain and tension. When you fall for example, the fascia may get stuck in the position of the fall and if it is never released, will continue to tighten around the tissue until a painful condition is felt.

Why use Myofascial Release Balls?

Fascia responds quickly and easily to gentle pressure and breathing techniques. The pressure can be sustained until a release is felt, or a rhythmic rocking action may be employed to generate a release in more stubborn areas. 

We offer Myofascial Release Balls in two different weights, 400g and a lighter 280g.

These two weights come in a selection of colours. The 400g balls are either Blue or  Black.  The 280g balls come in Red, Green or Yellow. 


All of the balls are prices at  £15:00 per unit (no change in price for weight or colour).

UK postage and packing charges are as follows:

£7.00 for 1  

£7.50 for 2 or 3

£10.00 for 4

£12.50 for 5

£15.00 for 6 or more

NB: Our maximum postage charges for most bigger orders (up to 12 is £15.00.  However, this will change dependent on numbers and courier charges for orders larger than 12).

To order balls please email us the colour, weight and quantity of each that you require.  

Include in the email the delivery address and an Invoice address if this differs from the delivery address as well as full name and contact telephone number 

We will then send you an email proforma invoice for the balls witht he ability to either pay electronically by paypal or make a payment into our bank.

When we receive payment we will send out the balls to arrive within 3 working days - normally balls will be despatched the following day and arrive the day after.

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