First Steps to Post Natal Fitness


Some new mothers will be desperate to get back to physical activity and their exercise regime after pregnancy for others formal exercise may be a new thing but body image has suddenly become important.

Formal exercise following birth has known benefits for many aspects of the physical and psychological welfare of the mother - but also for the baby in areas such as ease of Lactation etc.    But when should a new mother start exercise and what type of exercise - when.  

In this module Heather King-Smith looks at the Research evidence and sets Instructors going with a clear plan of of What, Why and When.



At the end of this course Students will recognise:

  • The benefits and risks of post-natal exercise
  • Influences that  affect the ability of the new mother to exercise
  • The changes in physiology of the new mother
  • The anatomy of the female pelvis and the transition of the pelvis following the trauma of vaginal birth.
  • The effects of Caesarian delivery on the body and considerations for exercise following Caesarian Section.
  • The power of Breath and breathing int he Post Natal client
  • The forces at work on Posture in the postnatal body
  • A structured plan from birth to 16 weeks  following biorth to bring the client back to their pre preganancy exercise regime
  • Post-natal exercise guidelines


This course is designed with exercises chosen, discussed and taught with a contemporary Pilates methodology.    The course is therefore Ideal for Fitness Professionals of all persuasions who have an understanding of Pilates basic principles.


7 hour course