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Studio Programming for Ante & Post Natal Clients + Pelvic Floor


This is a 4 hour workshop based around Pilates Reformer, Cadillac Tower, Wunda Chair and Small Barels and focussing on Targetted Programming for the Ante Natal client and then the early Post Natal Client (4 weeks + after birth).

Special considerations need to be applied to pregnant clients as their body shape, balance, posture and potential disfunctions require programming and exercise choice changes.   Likewise following birth Postural changes, tenderness, dysfunctions and fatigue amonst other considerations lead to adaptation of standard exercise programming in the Pilates Studio.


  • Identify Physiological Changes in Ante Natal Clients and adapt Studio Exercises and programming to reflect these changes
  • Identify Conditions like Diastasis Recti, Supine Hypotensive Syndrome, Orthostatic Hypotensive Syndrome, Symphysis Pubis issues and adapt sttudio exercises and programming to reflect these conditions.
  • Identify Balance and Postural changes through the Pregnancy and provide tools and repertoire to work with clients through these changes
  • Deliver Programming which will both prepare the Ante Natal client for her birth but also familiarise her with repertoire that will help her to regain full fitness following the birth.
  • Provide Studio Exercise Guidelines for each of the three trimesters
  • Identify when Post Natal Studio Exercise can begin
  • Identify Syndromes, tenderness and Dysfunctions thata re common post birth and look at the changes that need to be made in Programmign to accommodate these.



A Pilates instructor or medical Movement Professional - You should be familiar with using Pilates Studio Apparatus.


7 hours