M1 The Pelvic Floor & Core : Foundations in Anatomy & Function

Image from : Lesson 2 The Bony Anatomy of the Pelvis


This is an in-depth look at the Anatomy and Physiology of the Pelvis, Pelvic Floor and complete 'Core' system comprising 6 hours of education broken down into 20 lessons.

Whilst this is a stand-alone course, it is also a module in the Women’s Wellness Specialist Qualification and in the Exercise for Female Pelvic Health Specialist Qualification.

The Module starts with anatomy lessons encompassing the Bones and Bony Landmarks of the Pelvis and moves onto the structure and functions of the Pelvic Floor.   These are initially treated in Isolation but as the module builds, they form a part of a story that builds Pelvic Floor function into a more and more complex series of cogs as the local muscles move into eh Global muscles systems and the function of the muscles and the fascia are incorporated.

The lesson moves on to show how an instructor can tell whether a client is activating their muscle systems correctly and effectively before looking at the research evidence to show how the brain and also autologous systems can combine with external cueing from the instructor to train the Pelvic floor muscles and the order in which they fire.

The module moves on to focus on the Pilates Principles and how we can take the knowledge we have gained from the theory lessons and put these in to practice for each of the main Principles – practical routines are presented for each that you can take away and work with immediately with clients.

The course finishes by considering how you should take all this information and absorb it into your normal Pilates teaching.



Lesson 1 : A Bit Of Reflection To Start The Module       (07 min : 15 secs)
Lesson 2 : The Bony Anatomy Of The Pelvis    (18 min : 55 secs)
Lesson 3 :Pelvic Floor Anatomy      (32 min : 42 secs)
Lesson 4 : The Local & Global Muscle Systems    (13 min : 15 secs)
Lesson 5 :The Roles Of The Pelvic Floor & Core Muscles   (17 min : 37 secs)
Lesson 6 : How Do All The Pelvic Area Muscle Groups Work Together  (16 min : 49 secs)
Lesson 7: The Fascial System      (30 min : 57 secs)
Lesson 8 : How Do We Know If A Client Is Activating Correctly ?  (20 min : 23 secs)
Lesson 9 : Red Flags       (16 min : 42 secs)
Lesson 10a : Effective Verbal Cueing For Pelvic Floor & Core Activation (5 min:10 secs)
Lesson 10b : Common Cues & How Research Can Help Us Cueing  (24 min : 59 secs)
Lesson 10c : Establishing Cueing Principles Our Clients Understand  (37 min : 18 secs)
Lesson 11 : Practical Cueing Strategies      (12 min : 33 secs)
Lesson 12 : Common Cues For Pelvic Floor Relaxation    (7 min : 47 secs)
Lesson 13 : Pilates Principles In Pelvic Health : Concentration   (15 min : 49 secs)
Lesson 14 : Pilates Principles In Pelvic Health : Precision    (8 min : 22 secs)
Lesson 15 : Pilates Principles In Pelvic Health : Breathing    (15 min : 04 secs)
Lesson 16 : Pilates Principles In Pelvic Health : Centering    (7 min : 21 secs)
Lesson 17 : Pilates Principles In Pelvic Health : Control    (10 min : 57 secs)
Lesson 18 : Pilates Principles In Pelvic Health : Flow    (5 min : 25 secs)
Lesson 19 : Considerations For Pilates Programming In Pelvic Health  (20 min : 04 secs)
Lesson 20 : Case Studies        (2 min : 56 secs)

An Example Theory-Based Lesson from this Course


This course is suitable for all movement professionals as well as medical movement specialists such as physiotherapists -  however it would be valuable to have a clear understanding of the Philosophy of Pilates and the Basic Principles of Pilates in order to gain best value from the practical lessons at the culmination of the course. 



6 Hours of Online Lessons with 2 hours of own work in relation to case studies quizzes etc.


This module can also be taken as a combination of Online Training and Face to Face practical with he theory pre learned online and a 4 hour practical workshop to look at the Practical application and Case Studies.

For those looking for a complete face to face experience the course runs over 2 days with theory in small groups of maximum 6 students (the practical may be a larger group).


Further Details

Online Learning Theory & Practical  Price :-  £200.00

Online Learning Theory + Face to Face Practical - £320.00

Face to Face Small Group  Theory + Face to Face Practical :- £480.00

An Example Practically-Based Lesson from this Course
Image from : Lesson 3 :Pelvic Floor Anatomy
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* Online Learning Theory & Practical Price :- £200.00 Online Learning Theory + Face to Face Practical - £320.00 Face to Face Small Group Theory + Face to Face Practical :- £480.00
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