M3 Diastasis Rectus Abdominis: Core Restoration using Pilates


As the title of this course suggests this Course focussing solely on clients with Diastasis Recti Abdominis and looks at how Pilates can help in the rehabilitation of this condition.  The course comprising 4 hours of education broken down into 13 lessons.

Whilst this is a stand-alone course, it is also a module in the Exercise for Female Pelvic Health Specialist Qualification.

The course starts by making sure that you understand when normal stretching of the gap either side of the Linea Alba becomes an issue and is defined as a DRA and the anatomy of what has happened to make the condition arise.

It then moves on to ensuring that you can assess your client for a DRA through a variety of methods.

The connection between DRA and Female Pelvic Health is investigated as is the evidence to show that Pilates is a useful exercise method to support rehab of the problem 

A strong practical component gives you a toolbox of exercises to work with clients with this condition.


An Introduction to this Course


Lesson 1 : What Is Diastasis Recti Abdominis    (11 min : 23 secs)
Lesson 2 : Anatomy of Diastasis Recti Abdominis    (30 min : 50 secs)
Lesson 3 : Assessing The Client For DRA     (20 min : 23 secs)
Lesson 4 : Assessing Movement Patterns In Clients With  DRA  (15 min : 41 secs)
Lesson 5 : Load Transfer Ability      (11 min : 42 secs)
Lesson 6 : Observation & Palpation Of The Abdominal Wall  (12 min : 01 secs)
Lesson 7: Assessing The Gap      (10min : 05 secs)
Lesson 8 : The Connection Between DRA And Pelvic Health  (16 min : 33 secs)
Lesson 9 : The Evidence Pilates Helps DRA Rehab & Post Rehab  (24 min : 35 secs)
Lesson 10 : Pilates Based Programming for the Client with DRA part 1  (6 min : 36 secs)
Lesson 11 : Pilates Based Programming For The Client With DRA   (37  min : 31 secs)
Lesson 12 : Pilates Exercises To Treat With Caution    (7 min : 31 secs)
Lesson 13 : Onward Referral For The Client With DRA    (6 min : 36 secs)

Lesson 7 :- An example of a lesson on this course


This course is is suitable for all movement professionals as well as medical movement specialists such as physiotherapists.

It would be valuable to have a clear understanding of the Philosophy of Pilates and the Basic Principles of Pilates in order to gain best value from the practical lessons at the culmination of the course.



4 Hours of Online Lessons with 1 hour of  own work in relation to case studies quizzes etc.

For those looking for a complete face to face experience the course runs over 6 hours with theory in small groups of maximum 6 students 

Further Details

Online Learning   Price :-  £150.00

Face to Face Small Group  Price £320.00

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* Online Learning Price :- £150.00 Face to Face Small Group Price £320.00
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