M4 Functional Progression Of Pilates Programming for Pelvic Health Conditions


This Course signs off the series of Courses related to Exercise and Female Pelvic health by focussing on the style of exercise to choose and the progression of Programming to bring the client from poor Pelvic Health through rehab and post rehab and back to good Pelvic health.

Whilst this is a stand-alone course in its own right, it is also a module in the Exercise for Female Pelvic Health Specialist Qualification.

The course starts by discussing the nature of functional exercise with regards Pelvic Health before developing a holistic approach to building your functional journey for the client from Screening and diagnosis through recovery.

The practical workshop that concludes the workshop draws the theory and discussion together with a progression of functional exercises focussing on the female client Pelvic Health.

An Introduction to this Course


Lesson 1 : Introduction        (8 min : 40 secs)
Lesson 2 : What Is Functional Exercise      (34 min : 11 secs)
Lesson 3 : Topics For Discussion       (37 min : 28 secs)
Lesson 4 : Screening        (17 min : 23 secs)
Lesson 5 : An Holistic Approach To Functional Exercise (Female Client) (24 min:32 secs)
Lesson 6 : Practical Workshop       (31 min : 06 secs)
Lesson 7: Reflection        (2 min : 13 secs)


This course is is suitable for all movement professionals as well as medical movement specialists such as physiotherapists.

It would be valuable to have a clear understanding of the Philosophy of Pilates and the Basic Principles of Pilates in order to gain best value from the practical lessons at the culmination of the course.


3 Hours of Online Lessons with 1 hour of own work in relation to case studies quizzes etc.

For those looking for a complete face to face experience the course runs over 4 hours in small groups of maximum 6 students 

Further Details

Online Learning   Price :-  £100.00

Face to Face Small Group  Price £200.00

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* Online Learning Price :- £100.00 Face to Face Small Group Price £200.00
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