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“The longer I teach Pink Ribbon Program, the more important I realize it is to give each client a sense of independence and the confidence about their body.  I try to transmit the self-accomplishment of having learned at least one new way of experiencing movement in their everyday lives. More and more, I find myself trying to keep it simple, keep it about movement and focusing about the breath to guide the movement of the patient”

My relationship with Pilates began many years ago, after developing a career in classical ballet. Realizing the benefits of Pilates Technique in first person, conditioned my interest in searching for therapeutical applications of the method. I am particularly interested in how Pilates can improve the physical condition and quality of life living with cancer, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, and other diseases; and how it can help to recover from injuries and different pathologies. This interest leaded me to get a degree in Cancer Rehabilitation Thru Exercise Referral, and to start collaborating with the most important Spanish Group for Cancer Patients (GEPAC). This relationship has been crucial for taking the leadership to develop the Pink Ribbon Program in Spain, working on three dimensions: patient rehabilitation, training, and certification of new teachers; and in addition, the creation of a national PRP certified instructor network. The objective: to make Pink Ribbon Program Post-operative Workout Enhancing Recovery accessible to each patient who needs it.

While working for Pilates Wellness and Energy I had the opportunity to be involved in a project with Down Syndrome people, helping them to improve their posture, balance, coordination and quality of life through Pilates technique.

Nowadays, I devoted myself to work in rehabilitation for cancer patients including breast, prostate, lymphoma, bowel, and lung among others; before, during and after surgery and treatments, and sometimes on a domiciliary basis. Because of my huge experience working with breast cancer patients specifically, I’m regularly invited to deliver speeches about my practice and good results.

Likewise I have been invited by different organizations to be speaker in conferences and congresses about cancer, presenting the theory and practical protocols of the Pink Ribbon Program. The implementation of this project in Spain has been awarded by the newspaper Diario Medico as one of the Best Ideas 2012 on health, in the category of patronage and solidarity. 

Because of my dedication as patient advocate, ESMO organization benefited me with a special scholarship to attend the 17th European Cancer Congress celebrated this past autumn in Amsterdam.  

In 2012 I joined the teaching staff for the Master in Oncological Physiotherapy and the Specialist Course in Lymphatic Drainage at European International University in Madrid (UEM).

  • Breast Cancer, a curable disease. Int. University Menendez Pelayo, Santander. Spain. (10 hours)
  • Multidisciplinary Meeting on Selective Sentinel Node Biopsy, Hospital Ramón y Cajal (4 hours)
  • Rehabilitation in oncology: why is it becoming more and more important and what we need to know (European School of Oncology, by the Accreditation of Council of Oncology in Europe in support of Continuing Medical Education for physicians)
  • The role of exercise in cancer rehabilitation; (European School of Oncology, by the Accreditation of Council of Oncology in Europe and European Society for Medical Oncology, in support of Continuing Medical Education for physicians)
  • Scientific Program "Advances in Breast Cancer", organized by SEOM and coordinated by Dr. Miguel Martin, Oncology Director from Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañon.
  • Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist: Certified by the PINK RIBBON PROGRAM ®
  • Current and recent advances in Breast Cancer Treatment with Dra. Noelia Janez Martinez, Oncologist at the Breast Unit of the Hospital Ramón y Cajal.
  • Medical Aspects of Breast Cancer with Dr. Javier Arranz Espinoza, Head of Department of Medical Oncology, General Hospital of Ciudad Real.
  • Pilates for BUFF BONES ® Pilates for Osteoporosis in Depth: Recommendations & New Perspectives;
  • Shoulders, Neck and Wrists: Restoring Motion and Function Through Pilates Rebekah Rotstein
  • Pilates for Scoliosis, Osteoporosis and Seniors, with Alan Herdman
  • ABC Pilates Fletcher and Fletcher Pilates Foundational Course Towelwork ®
  • Prenatal Workshop Matwork, Stability Ball and Flexi Band with Stott Pilates
  • Back Care Essentials, Reformer and Wunda Chair with Rael Isacowitz.
  • Raising the Bar with Brent Anderson.
  • The Client's First Session with Julian Littleford.
  • Working with Seniors, with Lolita San Miguel.
  • Pilates in the Golden Age. The use of Breathing as the force that moves the body, Gideon Avrahami
  • Training fund and ultradistance sports, with Sonia Bejarano
  • Biomechanics of the Pilates Method with Xtensal Training in Wellness