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Mariska Breland is recognised as the leading Neurological rehabilitation, MS Pilates and Exercise Specialist in the Pilates Neurological Physiotherapy instructor Training World.


Mariska has created the modules shown to the right of this page -  click on them to discover more about each and when they run.

There are also 2, 3, 4 and 5 day Multiple Sclerosis or combined Neurological Specialist qualifications linked to these modules suitable for any Fitness Professional or Specifically for Pilates Apapratus trained instructors - see the Specialist Qualifications menu on the left side of this page for more on these.

More about Mariska below !

Mariska Breland, founder of the Fuse Pilates method, launched Pilates for MS™ back in 2013 it is Accredited Teacher Training which incorporates the latest research in neuroplasticity and neurorehabilitation physiotherapy into a Pilates based exercise program designed to address common problems associated with multiple sclerosis.


Mariska has lived with multiple sclerosis (MS) and challenged her body to curb the debilitating effects that MS can have through exercise. She has also worked with clients with spinal cord injury, a variety of chronic medical conditions, and athletes (and weekend warriors) who have suffered from sports-specific injuries. Many are surprised when they learn that Mariska has MS and are eager to know how she successfully manages the disease in her day-to-day life.

Mariska Breland's Pilates for MS - Matwork and Equipment

Pilates based Neurorehabilitation brings a variety of benefits to one’s health, including increased body awareness, control, and circulation.


“In addition to the physical benefits, there are also emotional benefits,” says Mariska Breland. “Being able to do Pilates is a huge mood booster. Depression and suicide are both higher with Neurological patients than with the general population. That and many other symptoms can see improvement with the right kind of exercise.”

Pilates also includes core exercises for stabilization, back and spine strengthening that improves posture, and dynamic flexibility that relieves muscle spasticity. This all is helpful for fighting the problems associated with MS and various other health conditions. Plus, many Pilates exercises are done sitting or lying down with no or low impact movements. This makes the workout accessible for any age and fitness level, and serves as a great introduction to make changes to one’s body.

In 2017 Mariska extended the scope of her education to encompass Stroke and Parkinsons disease modules.  Pilates for Neurological conditions features two common exercise modules the first featuring matwork and small accessory exercises which are of common benefit to all Neurological conditions.  The second is similar but features Pilates Large Apparatus 

  • Focus on Balance : learn graded and targetted exercises for different types of neurological balance issues
  • Focus on Spasticity :  Learn a method of how to both avoid and alleviate the problem graded with adaptations on a range of exercises
  • Recognise causes of Neurological weakness : Learn targetted exercises for common weak muscles/muscle groups
  • Focus on Gait issues and learn graded exercises and techniques to improve your client's Gait. 
  • Focus on the Bladder and Bowel and understand the exercises which can improve lifestyle and client confidence in this area.
  • Focus on Neuromuscular Rehab and Neuroplasticity 

Condition specific theory and exercise modifications and methodology.

In order to work with a client with Parkinsons, MS, Stroke, Spinal Conditions etc - it is important to understand that no two customers are the same and also that their symptoms may vary greatly.

It is therefore essential to understand enough about the condition to be able to work effectively with the client and also to gain confidence in the direction you take their exercise programming

Where a condition has symptoms that exercise can benefit whicha re not common to other conditions - these are targetted as a part of Theory days specific to each condition.
The Condition specific day combined with the Neurological General days provide a qualification to work with a specific condition.    
Therefore once the General Days have been attended there is no need to repeat this content to gain the qualifications for the specific Neurological conditions.
Mariska Breland's Pilates for MS - Botox, Foot-Drop, Spasticity and more...

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