5.5 Pilates Studio Skills,Planning, Programming and Exam Prep


This module is focussed upon Instructors who are planning to take their Mbodies Studio Specialist Qualification.

All other Practical modules within the Specialist qualification focus uponSafe use of equipment and upon Repertoire.

In this module you look away from repertoire at the skills required of a studio instructor to construct and then teach effectively appropriate studio sessions to meet agreed client goals.

The sessions, which may be one on one or small group with an Instructor trainer, take you through the examinination requirements and focusses on preparing you as an individual to recognise your strength and weaknesses and work in a supported way on the latter.




At the end of this course you will :

  • Understand the examination process which is the culmination of your Mbodies Studio Specialist qualification
  • Be familiar with the Studio Flow :
  1. Meet and greet of a new client,
  2. Initial consultation
  3. Postural Analysis
  4. Preparation of a varied, safe and appropriate exercise Programme
  5. Teaching the Programme 

Recognise your own studio strengths and weaknesses and be able to focus homework on these as well as have a tutor / mentor to contact and work with as needed.  




You must have completed as a minimum, the Pilates Studio Induction course.  It is advisable to have also attended at least one of the three Studio Repertoire courses or the individual Reformer or reformer and Tower epertoire CPD courses.which are differentiated by the colour of their manuals.


This is a two day taught course comprising 14 hours of teaching if taught as a small group or 7 hours of one on one Private tuition with an instructor trainer.

Further Details

This course helps prepare for the practical exam

The Practical examination is made up of four phases 

1)    Client Assessment and Evaluation (20% of exam marks)

  • Present yourself to the client in a professional way
  • Obtain client screening forms and obtain additional verbal information
  • Identify contraindications or comorbidities relating to the client
  • Perform Postural Assessment
  • Identify Client postural imbalances, balance, coordination and movement needs
  • Formulate a short and longerterm goal witht he client

2)    Teaching  (60% of the exam mark)

  • Use the information gathered in Assessment and Evaluatioon to devise an appropriate program
  • Use good teaching skills such as verbal and tactile cuses, imagery etc to teach the client
  •  Apply a suitable pace to the workout to ensure effectiveness while maintaining focus
  • Show the ability to 'Spot' but at the same time mutitask in preparation for the next transition
  • Use a wide range of apparatus and Repertoire from the syllabus

3)   Q & A     (15% of the marks)

  • Respond to verbal questions from the Instructor Trainer
  • Teach exercises to the client chosen by the Instructor trainer on equipment of their choice
  • Perform exercises yourself at the request of the Instructor trainer on equipment of their choice

4)   Miscellaneous  (5% of the marks)

This section covers the overall impression of your interation with the client and the workplace and includes items like Healtha nd safety awareness, eye contact and interraction with the client, use of your voice, relationship between client and instructor and the apparent enjoyment of the session.




provided the examiner provides their own 'body' and travels to the studio of the instructor there will be a fee of £220.00 to cover the price of the practical examination and £30.00 to cover the Theoretical examination.   Where the examiner is requested to provide a body or to travel to the exam the price will increase according to expenses etc and the instructor's time.

Where there is a retake required the full fee for that part will apply a second or subsequent time.





typical course price: £500.00*
* The £500.00 Price of this course includes either two days of small group tuition or 7 hours of one on one tuition. There is no early Bird booking discount and discount vouchers can not be used in association with this course.
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