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5.1 Pilates Studio Apparatus Induction


Studio Apparatus Induction :-

This 20 hour course covers the needs of Studio Owners and the UK Fitness Insurance industry to ensure that all instructors completing the module and its formative and  summative assessment are competent in 3 areas.

1)      Health and Safety (Studio in general and equipment specific)

Participants will be taught the  Health and Safety requirements of running a Pilates studio and will be shown how to produce Risk assessments for their studios,  the equipment within it and for each of their clients, and update as necessary.

Participants will be shown how to maintain, clean and check for wear and tear the key parts of each piece of apparatus .

2)      Safe Teaching and demonstrating on the Apparatus

Participants will be taught how to operate all components of a range of brands of Pilates apparatus effectively and safely,  both as a participant; when demonstrating,  and as a teacher when supporting a client or clients.

3)      Effective Induction of new clients on studio Apparatus

Participants will be shown, and then be expected to demonstrate the ability to deliver a clear, comprehensive induction for a client or member of the public attending a studio for the first time such that following the induction the client would feel comfortable to attend an equipment based class  or one on one without being overwhelmed.



Participants on this module must either be Medically qualified Physical Therapists (Physiotherapists, Chiroptactors, Osteopaths or similar) or they must be able to show evidence of a Level 3 or equivalent Pilates Matwork qualification.

In some circumstances, for those who are teaching Pilates Matwork without evidence of an awarding body certification we will consider evidence of having attended a recognised Pilates Matwork course in conjunction with current evidence from a UK insurer that you are insured by them to be teaching Pilates Matwork.


This is a 20 hour taught course. 

Further Details

This is the only course of its type and will be of interest to Physiotherapists and other medical exercise practitioners as well as Fitness and matwork or specific Pilates equipment trained practitioners  instructors with a  variety of backgrounds who wish to be able to operate safely the most commonly used Pilates apparatus including Reformer,  Half Cadilla/Tower,  Full Cadillac/Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair and Split Pedal Chairs, Ladder barrel, Step Barrel / Spine Corrector and Baby Arc Barrels.

Local Authorities with Pilates Studios and Boutique studio owners will also be interested in this course as a means of fulfilling insurance requirements for Health and Safety and to having a known high level of knowledge accross all staff about maintenance, risk assessment and a common approach to induction of clients.

typical course price: £700.00*
* Early Bird Price £525.00 Early Bird payment plan £60.00 deposit + 5 monthly payments of £100.00. Late booking (last 4 weeks before course £700.00 call for payment plan option)
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