1.9 Studio Teaching, Observation,Performance, Reflection and Portfolio


Participants enrolling on this module consolidate the teaching of Repertoire, Induction, Teaching techniques and Class Planning modules.

This consolidation is achieved using the Mbodies Reflective Practice Portal which guides you through reflection logging on each of the required elements of from home learning. 

The Reflective logging is the Summative Assessment portion of this module and when completed Mbodies creates a portfolio of all your logs.   Once this is complete you can book your final summative assessment (a charge to cover examination and marking of the examination of £250.00 applies) The examination is in the form of a Multiple Choice test covering all of the modules in the Studio Pilates specialist course and then a practical assessment where you  teach a pre-planned 30 minute session to a client or friend who you provide, and then you demonstrate and teach some repertoire suggested by the examiner.



The Objective of this module is to provide the infrastructure and opportunities to allow the participant to gain the necessary knowledge and experience through home study, observation of other teachers, practice demonstration of exercises and teaching clients or associates to have the confidence to take the Summative written and practical examination which result in the certification for the Studio Pilates Specialist Qualification.


Whilst this module can be started alongside any of the other modules it cannot be completed until all other modules comprising the Studio Pilates Specialist Qualification have been attended.


This course will require a minimum of 250 hours to complete.   These hours will start immediately following the first module of the Studio Repertoire module as repertoire is practiced and taught to fellow participants, family, friends or clients. 

  • Observation Hours (minimum 25 hours)
  • Lesson Planning for teaching hours (minimum 25 hours)
  • Teaching Hours (minimum 50 hours)
  • Own Practice (minimum 50 hours)
  • Reflective Logging (70 hours)
  • Revision of content from component courses (minimum 15 hours)
  • Written Examination (minimum 1 hour)
  • Preparation for Practical examination (minimum 12 hours)
  • Practical Examination (2 hours)

It is anticipated that a participant achieving one hour of own study on a weekday and four hours over a weekend would be in a position to complete this module three months following the completion of the taught modules in the Studio Pilates Specialist Qualification. 

This module must be completed within a time frame of minimum 18 month from date of enrolment

Further Details

Reflective Observation Hours

These are sessions which are observed by the participants of other teachers teaching on Studio equipment.  The observer reflects upon what they have observed, compares it to what they have been taught and reflects upon what they like, are indifferent to and do not like about the style of the teacher, cues and cuing, safety and attention to the client etc.

Within the cost of this course the participant is given a 6-month membership to Pilates Anytime (Online Pilates Classes taught by World Renowned Pilates Master Trainers) and these sessions can be used as a part of the observation hours required. The observer logs their observations and reflections of the sessions on the Mbodies online Reflective Portal.

Reflective Teaching Hours

The Instructor teaches fellow students, family, friends or clients on the Apparatus and makes notes reflecting on what went well, what went badly, things they would change next time etc.  Following the session referring to memory and notes, the instructor then reflects upon the session entering these reflections into the Mbodies online Reflective Portal.

Reflective Own Practice Hours

The Instructor practices themselves on the Apparatus concentrating their attentions on the exercises taught on the Studio Repertoire course.  Alternatively, the participant can participate in one-on-one or small group equipment sessions taught by other students or by qualified instructors.   The Participant reflects upon their own performance completing the logging questions required within the Mbodies online Reflective Portal.

Within the cost of this course the participant is given a 6 month membership to Pilates Anytime (Online Pilates Classes taught by World Renowned Pilates Master Trainers) and these sessions can be used while the participant takes the class on the relevant Pilates Apparatus and these sessions can be logged as Reflective Own Practice Hours.

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Typical course price: £200.00*
* The Price of this course includes Logbook set up, creation of a logging portfolio, support during logging, review by examiners of your log book portfolio Instructor Set-Up, Use and support of the Mbodies online Reflective Portal and production of a pdf based portfolio for you for proof of learning. The price does not include a fee for your final examination.
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