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5.4 Studio Repertoire (Green Manual)

Align-Pilates Ladder Barrel II. Mbodies Students receive discounted prices on all Align-Pilates equipment


This Module provides participants with one third of their basic 'toolbox' of exercises on the Reformer, Cadillac Tower, Chair and Barrels.  

The Manual associated with this course (Provided as part of the course fee) has a Green Cover

Where applicable repertoire is taught across all relevant apparatus types allowing discussion and an understanding of when,and why to choose one piece of apparatus in preference to another for a particular client and exercise.

The Instructor demonstrates and teaches participants how to perform with good style, teach safely and effectively and shows support/spot techniques where needed.


The course has been structured to balance a number of exercises taught on apparatus involving, Flexion, Extension, Rotation, Lateral Flexion, and the Peripheral limbs and will provide the instructor with all of the exercises that they need as a new instructor to the studio to be able to work with a range of beginner and intermediate clients without overloading the instructor with Repertoire which is either seldom used or which can be learned at a later time once studio craft and experience has been gained.

The Repertoire on this course has been selected by Medical Professionals who are also experienced Fully Certified Pilates Studio Instructors as being appropriate to the needs of newly qualified Pilates Studio instructor who will be working with novices or intermediate clients in a studio setting.  The repertoire is appropriate to both fitness and clinical pilates settings, according to the professional background of the instructor.

Align-Pilates Combo Chair. Mbodies Students receive discounted prices on all Align-Pilates equipment


Participants on this module wishing to test out and receive Mbodies accreditation must either be Medically qualified Physical Therapists (Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths or similar) or they must be able to show evidence of a Level 3 or equivalent Pilates Matwork qualification.

In some circumstances, for those who are teaching Pilates Matwork without evidence of an awarding body certification we will consider evidence of having attended a recognised Pilates Matwork course in conjunction with current evidence from a UK insurer that you are insured by them to be teaching Pilates Matwork.

In cases where experienced attendees of Pilates equipment classes or those home users with their own Pilates equipment wish to attend this workshop,  this will be possible from the perspective of gaining personal knowledge, however no accreditation, listing on websites or certification will be offered at the end of the course. 

Those intending upon teaching the repertoirre within this course to clients as opposed to learning it for their own personal use are highly recommended to have first attended the Mbodies Pilates Studio Induction course as without this it is possible that they would not be insured by their insurers without being able to demonstrate knowledge of the safety aspects of studio pilates and the apparatus being used.


This is a 20 hour taught course which is a part of 3 Modules of 20 hours each

Module 3 (20 hours)

Exercises taught on each appropriate piece of Apparatus - Approximately 70 exercises and variations across the weekend under the headings here :


  1. Breathing
  2. Airplane
  3. Arms pulling straps
  4. Chest expansion kneeling
  5. Reverse expansion
  6. Sleeper
  7. Jumpboard
  8. Obliques
  9. Triceps sitting
  10. Push ups
  11. Adductor press
  12. Side bend
  13. One arm push prone
  14. One arm push side lying
  15. Grasshopper
  16. Elephant
  17. Forward step up (aka climb a mountain)
  18. Standing on floor, pedal press
  19. Push through sitting
  20. Port de bras
Align-Pilates C1 Reformer. Mbodies Students receive discounted prices on all Align-Pilates equipment