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5.9 The Philosophy that is 'Pilates'


In his 1945 book titled 'Return to Life' Joseph Pilates contextualised his exercise repertoire in his vision of health and well-being which over the years has developed into a Philosophy which some instructors focus on in an 'evangelical' manner and others have addepted over time to form a looser more contemporary approach.

In this study day we look at the History of Pilates and the pilates movement and then move to Joseph Pilates's 3 guiding Principles :  Whole Body Health, Whole Body Commitment and breath.

We then move to the 'Pilates' movement fundamentals and apply these to over 30 classical Pilates Mat Exercises taught in both class and classroom formats to ensure that students understand the 'Method' within an exercise rather than just seeing the exercise as a piece of Repertoire.



By the end of this day students will have an understanding of :

  • The Life of Joseph Pilates
  • The Development of Pialtes as a Philosophy
  • The concept of a Pialtes heirarchy with its generations of educators
  • The 3 Guiding Pilates Principles
  • The Pilates Movement Principles
  • The Application of the Guiding principles and movement principles to Repertoire
  • A basic understanding of over 30 classical Pilates matwork exercises 
  • A basic discussion of appropriateness of clasical exercises in Special Populations and the concept of adaptation
  • A clear understanding of the Goals of 'Pilates' as a methodology and the benefits of the Pilates methodology and Philosophy.


Participants on this course will be either qualified Pialtes Instructors.  Medical movement professionals such as Physiotherapists or Chiropractors wishing to explore the Pilates philosophy, Fitness Professionals wishing to start a journey into a Pilates methodology or Pilates enthusiasts without a fitness professional background wishing to start the journey to become a Pilates instructor.


8 hours

Further Details

There is no summative formal examination at the end of this course however there is formative assessment during the day and all students will be expected to demonstrate to the instructor their ability to perform and/or teach Pialtes matwork exercises in a manner consistent with the Pilates Philosophy in order to receive a certificate of completion at the end of this module.

This course is a combination of practical and theory and students must be comfortable to have other strudents use them a 'body' and this will involve some application of hands and touching on your body.

This module is a compulsory component of the mbodies Studio qualifications for students who are not already qualified medical professionals (Physios, chros etc) or already qualified Pilates Instructors.