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5.75 Intensive Cadillac Tower Repertoire Module


Whilst the 'Tower' or half cadillac is an invention that post dates Joseph pilates and was championed by his first generation teachers it has become a more popular addition to many studios than the full cadillac.

This course delivers 2 full days of Reformer Tower only repertoire comprising basic and intermediate Pilates Cadillc Tower repertoire suitable for clients with fitness or wellness needs.  Developed by comprehensively Pilates trained physiotherapists, with a contemporary wellness focus as well as anatomically-structured approach to Joseph Pilates' original exercise method.

Incorporating modern exercise science and rehabilitation principles, it is a safe and highly effective low-impact way to stretch, strengthen and streamline the body.




Mbodies Intensive Tower Repertoire will prepare you to teach a broad range of half Cadillac/tower exercises together with their variations and modifications performed in lying, seated, kneeling and standing positions  using standard cadillac accessories, including Arm springs, Leg Springs, Roll-Down bar, Push Through Bar.

There will also be repertoire that combines the use of the reformer with the tower.

At the completion of this module you wll have a collection of safe and highly effective exercises which can be used as a part of tower/half cadillac exercise programming focussing on cardiovascular, muscular conditioning/endurance, flexibility and strength based programmes in either one on one or group reformer situations.


This course is suitable for any Pilates Matwork qualified instructor, physiotherapist or medical movement professional who has first attended the Mbodies Pilates Studio Induction module.   

It is also suitable for non Pilates trained fitness professionals or pilates participants with studio knowledge who have first attended and passed a recognised Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology module (or higher) and have attended the Mbodies Pilates Principles and Mbodies Postural Analysis modules.


2 x 8 hour days

Further Details

This module is a component module of the Mbodies Pilates Reformer Instructor 100 hour qualification and the Mbodies 150 hour Pilates Reformer for Fitness Professionals 150 hour qualification.

In its own right this module does not comprise a qualification but is a certificated CPD module