1.8 Fuse Ladder 101


Fuse Ladder 101: An introductory course 
for teachers & users of 
Mariska Breland's Fuse Ladder 

Fuse Ladder 101

This is an Introductory course for teachers and users of 
Mariska Breland’s Fuse Ladder.



The course meets the needs of UK Instructor focused insurance companies by providing Instructors wishing to go on and teach the full Fuse Ladder repertoire as CPD with a Health and Safety induction on the Fuse ladder Apparatus demonstrating the use of the Springs for resistance, assistance and suspension as well as introducing the features of the Fuse Ladder and how to make best use of these in all body positions.

The course takes a selection of 30 of the 160 fuse ladder exercises from the Comprehensive Fuse Ladder Manual, which will be available to purchase prior to, or the course at a 30% discount - Full price £50.00 discount price £35.00).  The manual is only available to those who attend the Fuse Ladder 101 course and allows attendees to then go on and teach the Repertoire in the full manual, comfortable that they have insurance coverage following their induction.


This video features an early version of Fuse Ladder which has since been updated


The course is suitable for L3 or higher qualified/certified instructors/teachers from a number of disciplines who will add Fuse Ladder as CPD (Continuing Professional Development training without an exam and qualification)  in conjunction with their primary qualification – these include Gym Instructors, Personal Trainers, Pilates Teachers (Mat or Apparatus trained), PE teachers, Dance Instructors, Physiotherapists, Exercise to Music / Group exercise teachers.



4 hours

Further Details

The course comes with its own fuse Ladder Induction Manual - participants will have the chance to purchase the full 175 page Fuse Ladder Exercises manual at a heavily discounted rate either prior to or on the course.

users of Fuse ladders who wish to participate in this course as an induction to their Fuse Ladder are welcome to attend the course but should note that its purpose is to induct instructors who plan to go on and teach the Fuse Ladder Repertoire.


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