1.2 Pilates Reformer Induction


This Course is a first step for a Pilates Matwork Instructor or Physiotherapist to teach on the Pilates Reformer.   At the conclusion of this course and its assessments the instructor will be able to gain Industry Insurance to teach Pilates Reformer exercises taught on this course and to run a Pilates Induction session for those clients new to Pilates Reformer.

The Course can be taken as Online Learning Only - in which case assessment is by way of Video submission + Virtual 'Zoom' Assessment with one of our Assessors.

The Course can be taken fully as Face-to-Face Education in one of our UK based training studios with a guarantee of Small Group (2 - 6 participants).


This is the Induction Workout that you will learn to teach


The objectives of this course are to allow any qualified Pilates Matwork Instructor or medical movement practitioner such as a Physiotherapist to gain insurance to call themselves a Pilates Reformer Instructor and to teach the 30 or so exercises taught on this course together with normal progressions and regressions for those exercises.

As a student on this course, you will learn the anatomy of the Pilates Reformer and the safe use of all of the parts before learning the safe tuition pointers for a client working in lying, seated, kneeling and standing positions using the basic reformer and in addition a Reformer Short / Long Box and a Reformer Jump board accessory.

You will then learn yourself a Reformer workout - referred to as the 'Reformer Induction Workout' and then work with others to be able to competently teach this workout by the end of the course.

In addition to the Reformer Repertoire included in the 'Induction Workout' you will learn exercises related to different components of the Reformer.


Lesson 1 :- Footwork
Lesson 2 :- Legs in Straps
Lesson 3 :- Hands in Straps
Lesson 4 :- Long Box & Short Box
Lesson 5 :- Elephant Series
Lesson 6 :- Stretches
Lesson 7 :- Jumpboard



This is an example of a Lesson that you will learn


Students Completing this course must have taken the Mbodies Studio Health & Safety Lecture and Passed the Multiple-Choice Test for this before being issued their Certificate for this course.


Pilates instructors taking this module need to have an existing Qualification as a Pilates Teacher at Level 3 or equivalent or be able to prove that they are currently insured as a Fitness Professional to teach Pilates.


Medical Movement Specialists such as Physiotherapists need to have a prior understanding of the basic Pilates Fundamentals applicable to any exercise.



Taken as a face-to-face Course this is a 3-day Course with 20 hours of tuition followed by practice and an assessment of you teaching the Reformer Induction Workout to a member of the Public.

Taken as a Fully Online Course - You learn all of the lessons in your own time and then submit a video recording of you teaching the Reformer Induction Workout which you learn on the course.   The assessment of the video is included in the course price

As a part of the course enrolment, you will be allocated a tutor who will be responsible for checking that you have learned the material and are safe to teach the Repertoire prior to issuing your completion certificate.    You will have the option to link with your tutor during your learning, if you wish virtually or face-to-face to face, to reinforce your learning and discuss any parts of the course - the cost of this type of one-on-one time is not included in this course fee 

For students who have not chosen to spend time with their tutor during their learning and who have therefore not been able to demonstrate their learning of the Exercises on this course that are not shown in the video submission -  it will be necessary to arrange a one on one zoom or face to face session between you and your tutor so that the tutor can sample exercises from each lesson and ask you to demonstrate and teach them - before they can sign-off that the learning has been completed.   This will normally require a one hour zoom or face to face session for which there will be a charge of £75.00.


Further Details

Whilst we believe that the Videos and instructions should make unsupported learning possible for many instructors, Built into this course is access to Tutor Support which can be given by email exchange, video conferencing or face to face – depending on the subject area and the requirement for learning.