1.4 Pilates for Mid-Life Health and the Menopause


In many cultures, just like at puberty and at childbirth the menopause is treated as a reason for celebration.

It is seen as the start of a new life phase, something positive - to be approached with enthusiasm with new energies.

Unfortunately, in Western cultures there is a tendency for this mid-life period to be seen more as the start of decline.

So often we see self-fulfillment and a downward spiral of 'self-worth' and caring resulting from the negative societal views of the mid-life.

How we exercise; the choice of exercises and the method of exercise is also subject to how we feel about ourselves and therefore it is perhaps not surprising that for many in the West the Mid-Life is a time when attention to exercise and its affects upon our bodies drops.  There is so often a cultural acceptance that in this phase a man develops a beer belly and double chin whilst a woman sees breasts, cheeks and buttocks move 'south'.

In this course we show that it does not need to be like this.  We teach the instructor how to energise their Mid-Life clients, not to allow them to stop or slow down.  

We build upon the physiological realities of the mid-life body in this phase to 'change the way that the client exercises to target new areas, with intelligent training and an intelligent fitness regime which is

  • Tough but Energising   
  • Bone building yet Osteoporosis safe
  • Fascia Releasing whilst Hormone Realigning
  • Balanced and focussing on Balance
  • Weight Conscious and promoting energy through the sub-conscious




At the end of this course Instructors will :

  • Recognise when the peri-menopause starts and finishes
  • Recognise when the menopause starts
  • Understand the causes of the menopause both medically induced and 'time-clock' related
  • Understand the Physical Changes that take place in the Peri-Menopause and the Menopause
  • Understand the psychological / emotional changes that take place in the Peri-Menopause and the Menopause
  • Understand the Energy / Spiritual changes that take place at the Menopause
  • Programme exercises suitable for the Mid-Life Client
  • Select different methods to challenge and 'shock' the body to change as required
  • Bring more cardiovascular content into the Pilates programming for this Population
  • Choose appropriate releases to combine with exercises to facilitate improved body mechanics
  • Use the Breath to tackle the inner self and have positive effects on stress, self confidence, energy systems and positivity
  • Challenge your clients to rethink the concept of slowing down in this phase but instead to work more effectively. 





Participants on this course should be movement professionals.   Whilst many of the exercises selected will be Pilates based it is not essential to be a trained Pilates teacher to gain benefit from this course, as the subject matter is transferrable to other disciplines.


7 hours of teaching

Further Details

In summary this course will equip the instructor to challenge the Western norms and instead of just categorising the Menopause and Mid-Life in the way the cartoon below does, instead will challenge you to focus on the positivity of this time of life, where change can and often does occur in so many areas and there is every reason why Exercise choice and method should be a component in an exciting phase of our lives.

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