1.5 Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Post Operative Rehab Course


This Stand-Alone Course is created to give exercise based Medical Professionals, Fitness Instructors and those working closely with Breast Cancer survivors a toolbox and the confidence to work safely and effectively with clients.

The course is also a module comprising the Mbodies Women's Wellness Specialist Qualification

It is a learn in your own time course online;  hosted on Mbodies Thinkific learning Portal.  for more information on the creation of the course over the last decade see here  https://www.mbodiesacademy.com/pink-ribbon-post-rehab/index.cfm

The Course comprises the equivalent of 16 hours of online learning combining lectures, videos, reading and interviews.   It is split into theory components and practical components.   Participants will need access to a Mat an easy access household chair (not a Pilates Wunda Chair) ideally without arms.  There will also be a need to have access to small accessories like bands and hand weights for the exercise sections.

Participants will be required to have or purchase a 15cm - 30cm (6" - 12")   Goniometer -  in the UK this should cost no more than £10.00 delivered -  see options from Amazon.co.uk HERE




At the end of this course :

You will be equipped with a toolbox that will be suitable for either group work (as favoured by charity funded schemes running in many UK hospitals) or for one-on-one work with clients preferring individual attention.

You will sufficiently understand Breast Cancer, its etiology and stages / types of treatment to be able to intelligently interact with your client(s) and set realistic expectations of how and when you can help them.

You will understand the value of meeting your client’s pre-surgery and taking relevant measurements of the client's pre surgery range of movement, and anthropometric measurements - which will form the basis of your post rehab measurement and evaluation and help you to set realistic goals.

You will understand the surgical effects of different types of reconstruction or surgery, and this will allow you to home in on muscle groups which will require attention and contraindicated exercises or movement patterns which should be avoided as a result of any specific intervention.

You will understand the client's 'journey' from removal of tumour, through reconstruction, if any, and adjuvant therapies such as Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Hormone Therapies etc.  You will therefore understand the need to accommodate the psychological as well as physiological side effects of the treatments allowing you to set expectations appropriately and support your client through the stages.

You will be aware of the importance to know which of your clients is at greatest risk of co-morbidities such as Lymphedema and understand the signs and symptoms and be able to advise accordingly.

You will be able to deliver graded, appropriate, and safe exercise Programmes which will not only help clients to recover Range of Movement, Mobility and Strength compromised by the surgical interventions, but also develop a client base who are loyal to you and who; by attending regular exercise,  will statistically live longer and have less chance of recurrence of Breast Cancer than those who do not.



Participants should be Qualified Medical or Fitness Professionals or complimentary therapists such as Lymphedema Massage specialists who are already working with this population.

Participants will be assessed on their understanding of the theoretical aspects of the course as well as their competence at assessing the needs of a post operative client, measuring and evaluating Range of movement pre-programming and evaluating change over time.    


All Participants will be expected to teach exercises learned and take a lead in presenting case studies on video.


This is the equivalent of a two-day course featuring approximately 10 hours of classroom work and 6 hours of Practical Exercise, Programming and case study involvement.   Following the course Students can expect to spend several hours preparing for the Open book multiple Choice online test and also in prlanning and delivering their video based practical assignments.

Further Details

In the Practical Exercises section of the course, you will be provided with, and learn, a range of progressive targeted exercises and will be expected to understand their focus and select appropriately to progress your clients as they exercise with you.   

Breast Cancer does not select its unfortunate hosts on the basis of their size, weight, age or fitness and therefore it is important to be able to adapt your exercise programming to the fitness and experience of the clients in front of you. To help with this selection, exercises in the database given are graded into three categories according to the appropriateness of the exercise for different fitness or ability levels.



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