S8 : 350 hour Studio Pilates Specialist Qualification

The Mbodies Studio Pilates Specialist Qualification is a modular qualification which meets the needs of Instructors and Employers  working in, or owning, small boutique Pilates studios focussing largely on one-on-one clients and small groups or in larger more equipment specific studios with larger equipment classes.

This specialist qualification combines studio Health and Safety education, Individual equipment safety, maintenance and set up,  Client induction on apparatus, Studio Repertoirre on Reformer, Cadillac, Pilates Chair, Ladder Barrel and Small Barrels and Studio skills, planning and Programming education in the form of a modules looking at teaching technique and exercise programming focussed on individuals.   The Skills module also doubles up as an exam preparation module.

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Each of the modules comprising the Studio Pilates Specialist Qualification is a stand-alone module.  These modules can in theory, be taken in any order and in a variety of locations.  However in practice most instructors or employers will look to prioritise the Pilates Studio Apparatus Induction module as their first module as this is the only module that introduces you in detail to each piece of apparatus and how to set it up, use it safely and teach on it safely and as such most insurance companies will require this module to be passed before insuring instructors to work with clients or in commercial environments on Pilates equipment.

The Studio Teaching, Observation, Performance, Reflection and Assessment module is a largely 'self organised' learning mordule which can be started at any point but will not be able to be completed until the other modules int eh qualification have been taken.

Package price: £3100*
* The full price of the Studio Pilates Specialist Qualification, if taking a each module separately is £3200 but those wishing to commit to all modules in advance can opt to pay in 12 monthly instalments of £200.00 each totalling £2400.00. Further educational grants of between £50.00 and £250.00 are available for those combining the purchase of Align Pilates equipment with enrolment on the Studio Pilates qualification.
This Specialist Qualification includes
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