S5A : 3 Day Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis Specialist

The Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis Specialist qualification is for Studio trained Instructors who wish to gain a full database of Exercises on mat, accessories and Pilates large apparatus alongside a full Understanding of multiple Sclerosis as a condition and the areas that as a Pilates Instructor we should focus on to give maximum lifestyle affect to clients with MS 

This Specialism requires three workshops to be attended

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis for Exercise Professionals
Exercises for Neurological Conditions (Mat & Accessories only)
Pilates for Neurological Conditions (Pilates Apparatus Exercises)

Each of the three are stand-alone workshops in their own right and do not need to be taken at the same time to achieve the Specialist qualification

Package price: £660.00*
* A discounted Interest free payment plan with a downpayment of £170.00 followed by 4 months of £100.00 is available on request
This Specialist Qualification includes
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