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S8b : 80 hour Pilates Studio CPD for Pilates Mat Instructors

This education bundle provides the necessary Continuing Professional Development (CPD) education for an existing Pilates Certified Matwork Instructor or a Physiotherapist with Pilates Mat CPD to get insurance to also teach comprehensively in the Pilates Studio.

This is CPD and not a Qualification as there are no examinations or Case Study / Portfolio work involved - the insurance companies regard you as already Pilates Qualified from your Pilates Mat or Physio Certifications and therefore only require you to prove suitable CPD education in the Safe use of the Apparatus and the learning of the Repertoire to add the Studio Apparatus onto your existing qualification as an extension of your scope of professional learning.  

You will only be able to teach the Repertoire learned on these modules and progressions and regressions appropriate to the client clearly derived from the root exercise - unlike a fully certified Studio  instructor who can use 'Pilates Anytime', You Tube, or other borrowed Repertoire or self invented exercises on Apparatus to go beyond the standard Studio Repertoire taught on these modules.    

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Students are not introduced to the Reformer in isolation in the first module which is studio general rather than Reformer specific -  this means that Instructors understand where the Reformer fits into a full studio programme.   The initial Induction to the Reformer is alongside the other most common pieces of Pilates Apparatus found in the Pilates Studio (Cadillac, Tower, Split Pedal chair with arms, Barrels)  and students undergo an intensive induction on the kit, its parts, maintenance and safe usage, the do's and dont's of teaching on the kit as well as Pilates Studio Health and Safety in General.  During the course students learn to teach a basic 30 minute Studio Induction appropriate for motivating a client and at the very end of the 2.5 day module there is a Health and Safety multiple choice test and a practical assessment of the student teaching the 30 minute induction to a single person. 

5.1 Pilates Studio Apparatus Induction

3 separate weekends of Mixed Studio Repertoire complete the taught Modules

5.2 Studio Repertoire (Yellow Manual)
5.3 Studio Repertoire (Blue Manual)
5.4 Studio Repertoire (Green Manual)

Please email us [email protected] for further details of the course or to discuss registration on the course etc.   Alternatively enrol onto one of the modules -  selecting PAY ON DOOR as your payment menthod to ensure we have all your details and then call or email us to arrange payment and registration on the additional modules to complete the enrolment.

Package price: £1428.00*
* Candidates wishing to complete all 4 modules (8.5 days) over a twelve month period will be able to benefit from a 40% discounted price of £2100 from list of £2380.00 or to take a 20% discount and make 12 monthly installment payments of £158.67 per month (total £1904).
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