4.6 A Focus on Balance and Exercise Programming for Balance


Balance is an essential part of healthy movement for everyone from athletes to the elderly.

Join Mariska Breland and her faculty in this workshop that first explores our historical understanding of balance – from Vincent Van Gogh to World War II landing crafts to space travel.

She’ll overview neurological factors that impact balance, including the visual, proprioceptive, and vestibular systems, as well as the integration of those systems within the central nervous system. Additionally, the workshop will cover musculoskeletal causes of balance difficulties, including hip and ankle strength, stability, and flexibility.


Determine the root cause of balance difficulties

  • Learn exercises to improve proprioceptive, visual, and vestibular balance
  • Understand how the nervous system integrates the balance systems and how to apply that knowledge in balance training
  • Learn dozens of effective exercises to improve balance problems resulting from muscle imbalances and weakness


All Exercise and therapy based medical professionals, Pilates and fitness Instructors, sports and physical education teachers, dance and 


7 hours of tuition

Further Details

A combined theory and practical course that takes the area of balance beyond the work in the Exercises for Neurological conditions workshop and provides a focus on balance for all exercise professionals