Course overview

Mbodies Online Pilates Courses fall broadly into 3 categories

1.     Clinical Pilates online courses for Special Populations

2.     Pilates Reformer Teacher Training and other apparatus inductions and choreography for certification and CPD

3.     Clinical Pilates courses and Pilates physio qualifications and certification

Consistently across all workshops is a foundation based on Joseph Pilates principles of exercise which are ideally suited to clinical and special populations education as well as to safe and controlled use of fitness products and equipment, whether as part of a group exercise class or used in personal training sessions.



Clinical Pilates online education



Clinical Pilates Courses or Wellness Specialist Qualifications

  • Mbodies Specialist Qualifications develop your Clinical Pilates expertise in the chosen discipline and usually combine a number of themed, standalone Pilates Modules which are completed in an agreed order online. There is then a summative online examination and maybe case studies pulling the workshops together to allow the qualification to be awarded and gain certification.
  • Women's Wellness Specialist Qualification is the first of the specialist qualifications to be fully operational.


Pilates Reformer Teacher Training

Pilates Education 

Mbodies does not offer entry-level Pilates matwork training.  We believe that there are large numbers of good Pilates schools offering L3 Matwork courses and more.

We do, however, offer existing certified Pilates matwork instructors from any school, the chance to train online as a Pilates Studio Instructor or to study focussing on more Functional, Standing or Rotational themes.

Our Studio Pilates course focuses on the exercise rather than on the equipment i.e. rather than teaching every exercise you can do on the Reformer or the Chair or the Cadillac, we take the Exercise itself i.e. Swan Dive and then you learn how and why to teach it on the Reformer, Tower, Ladder, Barrel or Chair 

We take the 40 most used Pilates equipment exercises and teach you these across the key equipment and we ensure that you understand how to effectively work one on one or in groups with different studio layouts (small and large) and sharing the space with other instructors.


Pilates physio qualifications