In House Training

Mbodies Academy welcome the opportunity to deliver in-house training to clubs and organisations.  This is offered as a combination of Online learning combined with face to face tutor visits

In comparison to sending staff away to study workshops off site etc. Our in house training saves all these travel and subsistance costs, so as well as being cost effective, it also reduces the time that staff are away from their workplace.

Our management team is experienced in tailoring with you, a suitable customised programme, and our instructor trainers are flexible in their approach to delivering this programme on-site.

This might be as simple as running a Reformer induction course and customising some workouts to meet the need of the organisation.

Alternatively it might be delivering follow on education for existing Pilates matwork teachers to allow Standing Pilates, or functional Pilates sessions to be added to a timetable.



We are sufficiently flexible to customise programming and to add to this where further ideas and programming are required.

We look forward to discussing your thoughts and needs.