4.3 Understanding Stroke for Exercise Professionals


Stroke costs the UK economy in excesws of £7 billion per year of which approximately £3 Billion are direct costs to the NHS and a further 2.5 Billion relate to care in the home paid for by suferers and their families and for other less tangible costs with more sums attributable to income support and social security.

Therefore the need of society, let alone the individual to help to minimise the length of time that a stroke sufferer is dependent on carers and/or the state is clear. 

This course brings you the knowledge that you need to be able to Network with Medical professionals and work with clients with clients who are post  medical rehab with strokes  and to understand their needs and so combine what you hear with your skills and the exercises offered on follow up workshops to build suitable and effective programmes.

The most important thing to remember with this often-confusing neurological condition is to treat each client as an individual and to understand that the client's ability to do an exercise might change from session to session : 



Following this course the instructor will be able to :

  • Differentiate between types of stroke (Ischemic and Haemorrhagic)
  • Recognise the types of brain damage caused by each type of stroke and this is dependent upon the area of the brain that was damaged.
  • Understand about the contralateral relationship and the motor systems of the musculo skeletal system
  • Recognise a range of symptoms of stroke including memory issues, physical issues, mood issues and anxiety based issues
  • Recognise the effects of Stroke upon human function and the relationship of this to muscle atrophy, cardiovascular conditioning, stability and balance
  • Recognise the interation of stroke to exascerbatge other co-morbities and affect life expectancy
  • Recognise 'Stroke' statistics and differentiate facts from myths related to stroke
  • Explore the concept of Neurological Pathways and understand how you might help clients to develop new pathways.
  • Understand the value and contraindications of exercise for clients following Stroke
  • Recogfnise the reason for choosing Pilates methodology when working with this Population
  • Look at demographics including age, gender etc to understand how these can and do affect the symptoms and recovery after stroke
  • Understand different treatments for stroke and where you fit in to the 'team'.
  • Understand terms like Spasticity, Flaccidity, Aphasia, Dysarthria, Hemianopia etc
  • Identify compensatory Patterns resulting from Muscle weakness
  • Understand the affects of a Stroke on Balance
  • Understand the affects of a stroke on Gait
  • Gain confidence and tips in working to guidelines in  designing a Program for a client following stroke
  • Understand Workout basics for most clients with this condition
  • Develop SMART goals for each client


This course is appropriate for all movement or exercise professionals who are working with clients or family members following a Stroke.

Whilst it is not necessary to be a Pilates Instructor in the least and this part of the course is mostly theoretical - the programming and many of the exercises chosen for this population require an empathy for the fundamentals of Pilates and there may be an assumption on the part of the tutor that you understand the basics of the Pilates movement system.  


This is a one day course

Further Details

This 'Understanding' Stroke course is not a qualification in its own right - it needs to be combined with 'Exercises for Neurological conditions' one day course to deliver a qualification as a Stroke exercise specialist. 

Pilates comprehensively trained or studio trained instructors can choose to also take a second day of Pilates exercises for Neurological conditions which is geared towards Pilates Apparatus (Cadillac, Reformer, Chair, Barrels) in order to upgrade their qualification from Stroke Exercise specialist to Stroke Pilates specialist.

The two exercise days (Exercise for Neurological conditions and Pialtes exercises for Neurological conditions) are common to other Neurological conditions and can be combined with other one day courses to provide qualifications focussed on these Neurological conditions

Understanding Parkinsons Disease for Exercise Professionals
Understanding Multiple Sclerosis for Exercise Professionals

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