S8a : 350 hour Studio Pilates Specialist Qualification for Pilates Mat Instructors

This modular qualification is designed for Pilates Matwork Certified instructors or Physiotherapists with Pilates Mat CPD who are wanting to gain a Pilates Reformer with Tower Qualification as opposed to purely CPD Reformer and CPD Tower education.   You can click on the lozenges to the right showing the modules for more detail on each module and the dates and locations of these modules currently scheduled.

At the end of the Course the Instructor will be able to both gain insurance to teach as a Pilates reformer and Pilates Tower specialist but also will be qualified to induct clients on Full Cadillac, Barrels and Chair and and will then be able to take further Pilates studio or matwork repertoire education as CPD and teach this without further need to take exams.

It is assumed that all attendees on this course understand the Philosophy and basic principles of Pilates from their Pilates Matwork experience.   It is also assumed that they can meet and greet a client and perform an assessment of their needs prior to designing a suitable Pilates Programme.   As the final assessment will involve anatomical knowledge, history taking and static as well as dynamic posture analysis of an exam body before teaching them appropriately - those uncertain about these areas are recommended to brush up on their Anatomy & Physiology and consider attending either or both of the following modules:


5.9 The Philosophy that is 'Pilates'

5.8 Client Assessment and Postural Analysis


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Students are not introduced to the Reformer in isolation in the first module which is studio general rather than Reformer specific - this means that Instructors understand where the Reformer fits into a full studio programme.   The initial Induction to the Reformer is alongside the other most common pieces of Pilates Apparatus found in the Pilates Studio (Cadillac, Tower, Split Pedal chair with arms, Barrels) and students undergo an intensive induction on the kit, its parts, maintenance and safe usage, the dos and don’ts of teaching on the kit as well as Pilates Studio Health and Safety in General.  During the course students learn to teach a basic 30-minute Studio Induction appropriate for motivating a client and at the very end of the 2.5-day module there is a Health and Safety multiple choice test and a practical assessment of the student teaching the 30-minute induction to a single person. 

5.1 Pilates Studio Apparatus Induction

3 separate weekends of Mixed Studio Repertoire complete the taught Modules

5.2 Studio Repertoire (Yellow Manual)
5.3 Studio Repertoire (Blue Manual)
5.4 Studio Repertoire (Green Manual)

Students then work outside of formal face to face education to complete a requirement of Observation hours, Practice hours and Practice teaching - where every session is analysed in a Reflective way and recorded in an online portal which at the completion of the model produces a working portfolio of the students work.

5.6 Studio Teaching, Observation, Performance, Reflection and Portfolio

In order to recognise a full qualification as opposed to CPD - Insurance companies require a course that is run by an accredited Professional Training Academy which delivers a course with a minimum of 75 face to face hours, that includes an endorsed Health and Safety component where large Apparatus is involved and has either a series of case studies produced by the student or a Case portfolio of post course work with the subject matter and then a final written examination and practical examination.  

The modules above complete all the requirements other than the final assessments which are arranged on a one-on-one basis together with the company.

Some students choose to take a mock examination or private tuition with Instructor trainers in the build-up to their exams - others feel comfortable to work in their own neighbourhood and use friends and colleagues to prepare for the exams.

For this reason, the course fees include all the modules above but do not include any follow up Private tuition or the exam fees which for 2020 are £180.00 for the practical and £70.00 for the written exam (these include all marking, paperwork, post exam feedback and certification).

Please email us [email protected] for further details of the course or to discuss registration on the course etc.   Alternatively enrol onto one of the modules - selecting PAY ON DOOR as your payment method to ensure we have all your details and then call or email us to arrange payment and registration on the additional modules to complete the enrolment.


Package price: £1848*
* Candidates wishing to complete all 6 modules (8.5 taught days + tutor supported portfolio home work) over a twelve month period, will be able to benefit from a 40% discounted price of £2093 from list price of £3080, or to take a 20% discount and make 12 monthly instalment payments of £200 per month (total £2400).
This Specialist Qualification includes
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