S2 : 5 Day Exercise & Female Pelvic Health Specialist

The Exercise & Female Pelvic Health Specialist Qualification launched in the UK at the beginning of 2021, and it delivers the most comprehensive evidence based education with practical application focussing on Female Pelvic Health for Fitness Professionals worldwide

To achieve the status of "Exercise & Female Pelvic Health Specialist" it is necessary to enrol on and complete four modules shown on the right within a 5-year period.

The modules can be taken in any country and each module is certificated as a stand-alone module.   All modules are now taken as fully online learning.

Some Modules have changed names over the years - If you believe you have attended education in the past 5 years that matches or exceeds the contents of any of the modules, we are happy to review these and offer exemptions where we deem appropriate.

Where you have taken modules in excess of 5 years ago, please note that we charge half full price for the course to update by attending the new course with online learning.


This qualification will provide confidence as well as direction for you as you work with your female clients

If your primary work is with women and you wish to make this your area of speciality, then you have found an ideal Career Professional Development qualification.



Alex Chapman gives a full outline of this Specialist Qualification
Package price: £650*
* The £650 price is the cost of booking each module separately. £550 is the price for paying for all 4 courses at the time of booking. Alternatively split the cost of all four modules booked together into 6 monthly payments of £100.00.
This Specialist Qualification includes
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