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Sarah Gatford

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Brand 1 : Mbodies Pilates Studio Apparatus Courses / Brand 3 : DFuzz (Practical MyoFascial Release)

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Sarah brings a dynamic blend of expertise and personal experience to the Mbodies Training Academy team as a tutor and instructor trainer. With a rich background as a former athlete and Sports Lecturer, Sarah has competed at international levels, leveraging her experiences to forge a successful career in the health and fitness industry. She is the founder of Supple Fitness, established in 2008, and later opened a specialist studio in 2015 at the Wrekin Professional Centre in Wellington. This studio is renowned for offering exclusive Pilates, Yoga, and Barre classes, reflecting Sarah's dedication to creating a tasteful and supportive environment for all her clients.

Sarah's journey in Pilates began following an injury sustained during competition, where she discovered the rehabilitative and performance-enhancing benefits of Pilates, fueling her passion and specialization in the field. She holds qualifications as a Pilates Reformer Teacher, Pilates Matwork Teacher, Massage and Body Working Therapist, and Sports Conditioning Coach, among others. Her academic contributions are notable, with lecturing roles at the university level, enriching the learning experiences of her students with practical insights from her professional practice.

In 2019, Sarah took a significant step in her professional development by becoming a Women’s Wellness Specialist, focusing on Breast Cancer Rehabilitation. This move underscored her philosophy of supporting women's health, movement, fitness, and soft tissue health through a holistic approach that empowers both body and mind. Sarah's commitment to continuous professional development is evident in her work and her ability to transform the quality of lives for women.

Sarah rebranded to SgFit (Sarah Gatford Fitness) in 2021, further expanding her offerings to include cutting-edge programs for Pelvic Health, Back Care, and Lifestyle, both in-person and online. Her studio emphasizes the importance of reformer Pilates, catering to individuals and small groups, and boasts a diverse client base, including a significant number of professional athletes, instructors, orthopaedic clients, and a growing male demographic.

Her extensive teaching experience, spanning over 20 years in all aspects of health, fitness, and well-being, coupled with her background in ballet, has honed her eye for detail and movement precision. Sarah's integrated approach to health, utilizing current research, aims to nourish the body, mind, and spirit, helping others achieve comprehensive physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

At Mbodies Training Academy, Sarah brings her wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for fitness and wellness, contributing significantly to our educational offerings and embodying our commitment to high-quality training and development for our students.