1.4 Pilates Reformer Repertoire Module CPD


This Online Pilates Instructor training is a Repertoire only course covering an extensive 'contemporary' 239 Reformer Exercises.  The essential basics of teaching on the Reformer are taught in the Mbodies Reformer Induction course and not here.   This course is designed for Pilates Instructors or Physiotherapist to extend the scope of their repertoire on the Pilates Reformer.  

The Course can be taken as Online Learning Only - in which case assessment to ensure that the student has covered the full repertoire and can teach and perform a selection of the Repertoire is by way of Video submission + Virtual 'Zoom' Assessment with one of our Assessors.

This is Lesson 4 of the Mbodies Reformer Repertoire Course


Mbodies Intensive Reformer Repertoire will prepare you to teach a broad range of Reformer exercises together with their variations and modifications performed in lying, seated, kneeling and standing positions on a range of different Reformers using standard reformer accessories, including Jumpboard, platform extender, arm and foot straps, footbar, long and short box, maple pole, plank bars, Gondola pole etc.

The 239 Pilates Reformer exercises are broken down into 31 lessons split into 8 Categories :

  1. Footwork :- 4 Lessons
  2. Legs in Straps :- 4 Lessons 
  3. Arms in Straps :- 7 Lessons
  4. Long Box :-  3 Lessons
  5. Short Box :- 2 Lessons
  6. Miscellaneous :- 3 Lessons
  7. Stretches :- 3 Lessons
  8. Jumpboard :- 5 Lessons

Repertoire comprehensively covers the Pilates Reformer Beginners and Intermediate exercises as well as a handful of exercises from a more advanced Reformer Repertoire

At the completion of this module, you will have a collection of safe and highly effective exercises which can be used as a part of reformer exercise programming focussing on cardiovascular, muscular conditioning/endurance, flexibility and strength based programmes in either one on one or group reformer situations.

This is Lesson 17 of the Mbodies Reformer Repertoire Course


This course is suitable for any Pilates Matwork qualified instructor, physiotherapist or medical movement professional who has first attended the Mbodies Pilates Studio Reformer Induction module.   

Students who can show attendance at an alternative Reformer course where the basics of safety and use of the Reformer were taught will also be considered

The online lessons are also suitable for those who purely wish to work through the Reformer Repertoire for personal reasons and do not wish to take the summative face to face instructors day or Online Assessment - these customers will NOT receive any accreditation for having attended the course and there is no price reduction for not taking the summative assessments.


Approx 50 hours home study + Video Submission of you teaching 15 exercises and performing 15 exercises chosen by Mbodies tutors, followed by a 2 hour 'Zoom' style one on one practical with an Instructor Trainer.     

Further Details

This module does not comprise a qualification in its own right, but is a certificated CPD module which when taken in conjunction with Mbodies Pilates Studio Reformer Induction course is recognised in the UK for insurance purposes provided the instructor is a certified Pilates Matwork instructor already.

Mbodies do run a full 200-hour Reformer Qualification for those who are not already in the fitness industry or 150 hours for Fit Pros but not Pilates Matwork Instructors but wish to qualify as a Reformer Instructor - this module is 50 hours of that qualification.  In addition, students need to show an understanding of Anatomy & Physiology to Fitness Instructor L3 standard and take additional tuition to show a grasp of Pilates Philosophy and Fundamentals as well as client posture assessment.

This is Lesson 31 of the Mbodies Reformer Repertoire Course