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Bumping Along : Exercise Programming for the Ante Natal Client


In this research-driven Ante Natal module Heather King-Smith looks at the different stages of pregnancy and the Psychological and Physiological changes that the mother ‘to be’ is going through and she cross references these with exercise guidelines – focussing in on substantiated concerns as well as dismissing long term fallacies related to exercise and foetal growth, premature delivery, miscarriage and injury.



At the end of this course participants will


  • Identify the stages of pregnancy and the changes in the body that take place
  • Understand exercise guidelines for each trimester
  • Understand the differences in Pre-activity screening required for this population
  • Understand the benefits of moderate exercise through the pregnancy
  • Understand contraindications and when to pause exercise
  • Be able to make recommendations to clients in relation to their exercise goals in terms of Frequency, Intensity and Duration based on the evidence.
  • Be able to make recommendations to clients in relation to the type of exercise for cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility focussed exercise.
  • Recognise risk factors and when to stop exercise and suggest clinical evaluation
  • Develop a personalised plan for a pregnant client that will prepare the client during the Ante natal phase for the exercise they will wish to do following the birth.



This course is designed with exercises chosen, discussed and taught with a contemporary Pilates methodology.    The course is therefore Ideal for Fitness Professionals of all persuasions who have an understanding of Pilates basic principles.



7 hours of teaching