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Brand 4 : Mbodies Exercise & Female Pelvic Health

The Mbodies Pilates & Female Pelvic Health brand is lead by Alexandra Chapman who is a private and NHS employed Women’s Health Specialist Physiotherapist as well as a fully certified comprehensively trained Pilates Instructor. 


There are four stand-alone courses currently delivered in this section :

  1. The Pelvic Floor & Core: Foundations in Anatomy & Function
  2. Dysfunctions in Pelvic Health: Can Pilates help ?
  3. Diastasis Rectus Abdominis: Core Restoration Using Pilates
  4. Functional Progression of Pilates Programming for Pelvic Health Conditions



Alexandra Chapman Introduces Herself

The four modules when combined, together with formative and summative assessments, deliver the Mbodies Pilates and Female Pelvic Health Specialist Qualification.    Modules 1 & 3 are also two of the 6 modules that comprise the 2021 Mbodies Women’s Wellness Specialist Qualification.

All four modules can be taken by your choice of three delivery methods :-

  1. Online Only training
  2. Online learning of theory + face to face small group summative practical workshop
  3. All face to Face training

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Alex explains why all Pilates Instructors should be better informed in this area of their client's lives.