Brand 1 : Mbodies Pilates Studio Apparatus Courses

Mbodies Pilates reformer instructor courses break new ground by offering qualified Pilates Matwork Teachers, part trained but not certified reformer teachers or Medical professionals i.e. Pilates Physiotherapists to enter the world of the Pilates Reformer Studio.  Current Professional status is accepted to enrol and to progress down a range of Pilates teacher training Online, in class, or as a Combination of both Modules, as far as they need to go to meet their needs, whilst being covered by Insurance teaching the public. 

These Pilates online courses offer Pilates reformer teacher training and certification.

This Education can be taken as CPD only with Insurance Coverage to teach - in this case you are assessed on your competence and safety to teach and attendance on the whole module or for those wanting to receive certification of reaching a high standard the culmination of the modular education can be Apparatus Specific qualifications or the ultimate Full Studio Specialist 350 hour qualification to provide a comprehensive Pilates certification.


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The Mbodies Studio Pilates Brand encompasses the creation of stand-alone CPD education modules, which cater for those looking for an introduction to Apparatus Pilates to support and progress an existing knowledge of Pilates based Matwork exercises.

The modules are stand-alone – which means that they can be taken in isolation.  However, when taken in combination with other modules delivered but not necessarily created by Mbodies. These modules combine to provide a modern and effective entry level Studio Pilates qualification, which allow the customer to work effectively as a studio instructor and then build further on this qualification to advance the studio qualification with specialisms which lead to more advanced studio qualifications.

Mbodies Studio Pilates modules have been designed ‘out of the box’ and do not conform to the traditional approach of Pilates Apparatus Education in the UK, which demand many years of training and a mortgage to achieve a qualification which allows any revenue generation.

Instead the Mbodies team focus upon the business of running a studio, the essential focus on safety, and the business need for studio craft and versatility in the instructors who work within the studio.

The modules have been designed ‘bottom up’  with reference to the Mbodies Team’s joint experience of owning and running 11 UK and USA-based Pilates studios between 1995 and 2021, ranging from small studios of less than 50 square metres, up to the largest UK dedicated Pilates studio with 600 square metres dedicated to Pilates Apparatus training.

An online lesson from the Tower Induction Course

1)  Studio Apparatus Inductions

The Piltes Reformer or Pilates Cadillac Induction Modules cover the needs of the UK Insurance industry to ensure that all participants completing the module and its formative and  summative assessment are competent in 3 areas.

  • Health and Safety (Studio in general and equipment specific)
  • Safe Teaching and demonstrating on the Apparatus
  • Effective Induction of new clients on the Apparatus

The Modules can be taken as Online Modules only - in which case assessment is by way of Video submission + Virtual 'Zoom' Style 2-hour Assessment with one of our Assessors.

The Modules can be taken as a combination of Online Learning and then a Summative face to face small group session in one of our UK training centres.

The Modules can be taken fully as Face-to-Face Education in one of our UK based training studios with a guarantee of Small Group (2 - 6 participants).


2)  Studio Repertoire


Studio Repertoire Courses for Pilates Reformer or Pilates Tower are 6 full day attendance courses for those requiring Face to Face small group training.  However the more popular approach is to learn the Repertoire from our Online training Package of Repertoire lessons and then attending an 8 hour Course conclusion day in one of our Studios in the UK

Where attendance at a training studio is not possible Mbodies do offer the opportunity to submit videos and attend a virtual one on one 'Zoom' style summative assessment to show your grasp of the teaching and performing of the Repertoire.

For Pilates Chair and Pilates Barrels training Face to face training for either is 3 days durations or alternatively the option is there for the Online learning as with the other courses.


An online lesson from the Reformer Induction Course

3)  Studio Practice Teaching, Observation and Own Performance Reflection and Assessment

For Students wishing to turn the CPD training into a formal qualification there is a need in the UK for a period of logging teaching, observation and own practice and reflecting on this to create a learning portfolio.

The final summative assessment is in the form of a Multiple Choice test and a practical assessment where you will demonstrate your teaching quality, knowledge of the Repertoire and ability to perform Repertoire from across the courses that you have taken.